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Heightole XL Capsules – Does Heightole-XL Really Work? – Maybe – Review Here

Heightole XL Capsules – Does Heightole-XL Really Work? – Maybe – Review Here

This Hightole Xl supplement was found in many retail third-party websites, who promote it as an effective height growth formula.

Supposedly, the capsules carry only natural ingredients and give out “fast results“.

One retailer/e-commerce website claims it’s an “export medically certified” to increase the height of all consumers, who use the product.

They also mention that it’s a fair price for an optimum quality height enhancer. Let’s get to know about the label of this Hightole Xl, since it says “useful in growth of body“.

My aim here is to target if it really works, or if it’s a scam and how it works from the ingredient’s list.

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Name of Product: Heightole XL CapsulesHeightole-XL-Capsules-Does-Heightole-XL-Really-Work-Review-Before-and-after-results-reviews-height-growth-pills-scam-ways-to-become-taller

Website: Only Available in Retailer Sites


Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $73.50

Overall Rank (out of 100): 37 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Have To Check WitRetailer

What Is Heightole XL?

These height gain capsules are from a brand called (Hashmi Herbal), and manufactured by a GMP certified company called (Hashmi Unani Pharmacy). They actually sell several other health supplements and not just this Heightole XL formula.

As I do see, the product only carries 20 capsules in the bottle’s container!

Now one of the retail websites promotes that it’s a proven formula for “clinical trialed” and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves Heightole-XL for anyone to use it.

Yet, even though they promote that it’s based on “scientific clinical research“, none of the third-party websites offers to show any proof of evidence to back it up.

Now, the claims are to gain “extra inches” in height by only taking the capsules. According to them, this herbal preparation/medicine is very effective and safe for all users.

No, there is no need to visit a doctor’s office for any prescription portion or anything because it’s a “natural” formula to cause no harmful or negative side effects.

According to product’s label, Hightole XL is a one-pill supplement to only take 1 single capsule and it should make us grow by inches.

That does sound interesting, in my thoughts, so follow down!

Here’s The Ingredient’s Profile!Heightole-XL-ingredients-Capsules-Does-Heightole-XL-Really-Work-Review-Before-and-after-results-reviews-height-growth-pills-scam-buy-bottle-ways-to-become-taller

The Heightole XL company shares to only include natural herbal extracts in the product’s formulation.

They mention to have been formulated with a special blend of 100% potent, safe ingredients and they are Withania Somnifera (75 mg), Asperagus Racemosus (75 mg), Pueraria Tuberosa (50 mg), Terminalia Chebula (50 mg), Termanalia Arjuna (50 mg), Plumbago Zeylanica (50 mg), Piper Longum (50 mg), Elettaria Cardamomum (25 mg), Mukuna Pruriens (50 mg), and Nigella Sativa (25 mg).

With all of these components together, it should not cause any side effects whatsoever, as they explain.

Yes, they all claim to have done research tests on this complete combination of ingredients to give effective growth results in height.

How Does Heightole XL Works?

According to the e-commerce websites who promote the Heightole-XL capsules, the formula targets the production of Human Growth Hormones (HGH).

By reproducing the amino acids to stimulate the Pituitary gland, who is the primary gland in the brain, it causes to release HGH levels for more production of levels.

They mention that when we were in our puberty stage from 13-19 years old, we produced maximum growth hormones and caused us to grow taller from every part of the body.

However, they claim to turn back the clock and re-produce more HGH levels to re-grow all over again and gain extra inches in height.

And by following along with a rich diet and proper stretching exercises, we can really expect more growth as they claim.

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What Are The Features?

The product’s brand/company promises to develop more natural growth on the bones by lengthening and gain more mass by thickness, which leads to results in the stature of users.

Should enhance the density and thickness of the vertebral disks to elongate the spine, plus they claim to improve the suppleness of spin.

Retailers mention to increase more muscle tone and enhance the new growth of the cells and tissues.

Boosts up the metabolism rate to help decrease excessive body fat for lean muscle tone.

Plus, they promote health benefits as well, such as to strengthen the nervous system, maintains and balance the cholesterol levels, slow down the aging effects and helps with insomnia (sleeping problems).

That’s basically what Human Growth Hormone supplements are for! It improves the brain function and memory power as well, according to them.

Perhaps, none of them shares for what age group that the product will work, or the intake process on how to take capsules, since each Heightole XL bottle contains 20 capsules only.


The Benefits:

  • Promotes to Gain Extra InchesHeightole-XL-Capsules-Does-Heightole-XL-Really-Work-Review-Before-and-after-results-reviews-height-growth-pills-scam-buy-ways-to-become-taller
  • Helps Develop Muscle Mass
  • Cerebral Metabolism Rate
  • Claims it’s Clinical Trialed
  • Mentions FDA approves It
  • Company’s Name was Found
  • Helps Decrease Extra Fat
  • Included Natural Ingredients
  • Promotes that it’s 100% Safe
  • Increases Density & Bone Thickness
  • Shares Health Improvements

The Drawbacks:

  1. It does not have an official website to make the product seem more “professional”.
  2. Even though they mention that it’s based on “Scientific Clinical Research“, all of the retailers failed to provide evidence from this research data. – No proof!
  3. No medical professional expert was found to really approve the formula’s effectiveness.
  4. Failed to show any before-and-after pictures for evidence that it increases the height.
  5. For a money back guarantee, you will have to make sure the retailer has it. Which, most do not cover the item.
  6. Expensive price. One month supply for $73.50, and for the 2-month package: $137.00
  7. One review’s website says that it’s a complete “scam”.


For a fact, we only found one third-party retailer to have it available to ship it all the way to here in the USA region. The others seem to only be in-stock in India country.

Which, this Heightole XL capsules were produced in the India area, and not here in the United States.

And for the package, the webpage only have 2 options to purchase the product, where it’s either a 1-month bottle or a 2 month supply.

They do mention at the bottom of the ordering page that we can either pay with a credit card, by phone or order by mail. PayPal is also accepted as well.

No, it does not say anything about discreet shipping packages or regards a return policy for a money back guarantee.

Now Heightole XL is available on eBay ( as well.

Final Verdict

Looking for this particular height growth enhancement of pills, they mention it’s proven from professionals, but I can’t find any trusted resources to indicate that this Heightole XL formula is really effective as it claims.

There is no customer user found at nowhere, meaning no testimonials, no website’s reviews or no comments at anywhere to mention anything about the product.

However, each container only comes with 20 capsules! So, am I suppose to take one pill every other day? And how can one single capsule cause growth of “extra inches” as they promise?

Using my logical mind, I really can’t see how I’ll get taller from using this expensive 20-caps formula. Yet, I personally used some other type of “get-taller-pills,” which recommended me to take up to 3 pills per day and it completely failed to make me grow.

Even though all people react slightly different, there is no way I could ever give this product a shot, because I know that pills have to break down in the digestive system, and several ingredients get lost in the stomach lining.

It seems to me that it’s a pure “HGH supplement” since they promote a variety of benefits that Human Growth Hormone usually does. I personally don’t think this item will work on myself, plus a website that we found, the editor/author mentions it’s a scam.


That way, now let me show you something that might truly work since real customer users are claiming inches in height! The (Glowth Factor Plus), they provided consumers’ comments from reviews and several other evidence to back up the inches of gains.

I’ll take a quick second and stop by the review for you to see on all about (Growth Factor Plus) liquid formula.

Maybe you have different opinions? Or, you’re one of the customer users out there who have experiences with the Heightole XL formula? So, thereby, share your personal use with this Heightole XL product. All you have to do is write me a line in the comment section on the bottom of this review!


  1. Khan

    Dear Julio,

    First of all thank you for this fabulous website. this is actually helping a lot and I hope most of the people are benefiting from this. You are great job man! God bless you.

    I tried this product Heightole XL and actually spoke to the inventor Dr. Hashmi, he said it will work, he also gave me full confidence and I bought 4 months supply cost me US $343 and I was using it as directed. It didn’t work for me. I don’t recommend this to anyone, Please save your time and money.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hey Khan,

      Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate you leaving your experiences as well with such product as this will help many other people as well.

      I Believe You,

  2. Tushar

    Julio dues plz dear help me which capsules is best for increasing height my present age is 19 and my height is 5.9 i want to be 5.11 or 5.12 plz guide me little bit

  3. Sebastian

    Doesn’t work bro. Used it for like 3 months and saw no results..

  4. Craig

    Used the pils and saw nothing..

    • Hey Craig,

      I could imagine because I have personally gave some type of pills before a shot who promised me height growth results and It completely failed on me as well. However, if you haven’t got a chance to check out the Growth Factor Plus, than I personally would take a quick look. Folks out there are claiming results of inches.

      Julio Deus

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