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How I Grow Taller Secrets By Dr Mike Stevenson – PDF ebook Review

How I Grow Taller Secrets By Dr Mike Stevenson – PDF ebook Review

Grow 2-4″ inches taller in 6 weeks? Really!?

Well, the book/guide so-called (How I Grow Taller Secrets) claims without the use of any form of methods, such as pills, devices, creams, etc.

The product’s organization promotes that it’s really the “top program” to increase height all in a natural way. Perhaps, they mention that it doesn’t matter what age group if you’re on your “20’s, 30’s or even 40’s“!

They also claim that a number of “not-so-tall people” achieved their desired height from just following this “program”.

However, it seems that doctors are behind the product’s background. Maybe, this review may change your thoughts regards this (How I Grow Taller Secrets) book/guide.

Who knows, so read a few lines below!


Name of Product: How I Grow Taller SecretsHow-I-Grow-Taller-Secrets-By-Dr-Mike-Stevenson-PDF-ebook-Review-before-and-after-results-download-manual-ways-to-become-taller

Official Website:

Minimum Price: With 75% Off Coupon – $47.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 67 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Within 6 Weeks

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s This Book About?

The first introduction that the product’s website mentions, the author/editor claim he’s a professional doctor who goes by the name of (Dr. Mike Stevenson).

He talks about how his youngest sister was the shortest in his family by only 5ft tall in height, where he found a solution from secrets for her to grow taller and improve her lifestyle.

According to his claims, he helped her grow an addition 4″ inches within just 6 weeks!

In fact, it does show his background, which he’s from San Diego, California and this medical surgeon M.D. shares that his methods are “scientifically proven” from long-time research.

They actually shout out other height growth scams, where these online marketers who promote gadgets, potions, creams, pills, etc are only trying to take our money with no proven ways to increase the stature.

I’m thinking here, how do we know that this “How I Grow Taller Secrets” is not a scam as well?

Yet, they mention showing all users on what supplements are actually from medical or non-medical, plus the scams out there in the book’s page that are trying to take your money, waste your time, etc.

Furthermore, this height increase “program” shares to that it’s really possible to grow inches from using their techniques and the right approach.How-I-Grow-Taller-Secrets-By-Dr-Mike-Stevenson-PDF-ebook-Review-before-and-after-results-download-manual-book-guide-ways-to-become-taller

The author/editor (Dr. Mike Stevenson) claims that it doesn’t matter if you’re over the age of 35!

Product’s official website offers to show standard “testimonials” from users claiming to have gained inches in height. But there are not before-and-after images for evidence. Read on!

How Does It Work?

As they explain, this (How I Grow Taller Secrets) book will guide all consumers on the “right steps and techniques” to heighten up inches in the stature.

This ebook claims to show us (as customer users) on ways to increase Human Growth Hormones by up to 200% to release in a natural, completely safe way.

They mention treatments for growth hormones, ways to stimulate the pituitary gland to release HGH levels in the daytime and at night while sleeping.

Also, they state to do the right stretching exercises from their techniques and methods to maximize height growth and that way it improves body posture.

(How I Grow Taller Secrets) the guide comes with 100 pages with so much information to show step-by-step instructions on how to gain 2-4″ inches taller, as they explain.

It should show us what to eat and drink for a proper diet, plus the sleeping process to release HGH to strengthen and lengthen the bones.

The manual ebook included tips, advice, and several hints, plus facts on several aspects based on information used by NASA.

What Are The Benefits?

By increasing height from 2-4″ full inches within as soon as 6 weeks, they claim to gain improvements in your self-image, confidence, and self-esteem.

One paragraph on the product’s website, it says that some folks actually grew within “7 days”. Is that true? Can that really happen? “Wow, sounds impossible to me“!

It should help us as customer users to improve our body posture, and boost up the quality of lifestyle to live a happier, healthier and security life.

They share that this (HowIGrowTallerSecrets) gives us a “whole new outlook” on life and blessing opportunities from being taller.

Now for proof of evidence, they mention that it’s backed up by NASA, medical doctors and “scientifically proven” methods.

Yet, it shows no form of scientific data or any clinical trials that this so-called “program” is really effective to work and increase height in all users.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The (HowIGrowTallerSecrets) website added that all I would have to do is click the payment button, purchase the product and boom, get the copy of the PDF guide download immediately directly to my computer for instant access.

The author (Dr. Mike Stevenson) mentions to take off a total of 75% off for a coupon from the regular price $189.95 and pay a one-time fee of $47 USD.

According to them, they will back up the book/guide with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. So If somehow I find it that it’s not for me, then I will be entitled to the full prompt refund within 30 days.

However, at the bottom of the product’s page, it claims a “60-day money back guarantee” to try it for “risk-free”.. I don’t know which policy to believe?

To contact the program’s organization, they provide an email address only.

Overview Structure


  • Claims to Heighten up by 2-4″ inchesHow-I-Grow-Taller-Secrets-By-Dr-Mike-Stevenson-PDF-ebook-Review-before-and-after-results-download-manual-book-guide-guarantee-ways-to-become-taller
  • Improves Overall Body Posture
  • Increases Self-Confidence
  • Doctor’s Recommendation
  • Shows Author/Editor’s Background
  • Mentions it’s 100% Completely Safe
  • Improves Self-Image, Self-Esteem
  • Promotes it’s Scientifically Proven
  • Gives it a Whole New Outlook
  • Enhances Lifestyle Quality
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  1. No evidence to show from proof of scientifical structure or clinical data.
  2. Does not offer to show any before and after results from the “testimonials”, since we found no individual customer user to mention their experience.
  3. One of the claims sounds unreal to me, such as “growing taller within 7 days“. – Misleading
  4. It requires effort from exercises, proper diet, and other ways to grow inches.How-I-Grow-Taller-Secrets-By-Dr-Mike-Stevenson-PDF-ebook-Review-before-and-after-results-download-manual-heiight-program-ways-to-become-taller

Final Opinion

Even though this (How I Grow Taller Secrets) program/guide seems to be all geared towards increasing height by inches, there are a few red flags that we can point out!

Yes, there is a professional doctor’s endorsement as the author/editor, of course, recommends and approves the product, but no data or a graph from any studies done on their “scientifically proven” methods.

In fact, they show a few endorsements from Medopedia as advertised in (RevolutionHealth) and from (DoctorsLounge) as well, which it does gain more points than other height enhancement books/guides out there.

Now the testimonials are not picture proof since we as customer users would love to see the real structure from before and after images to really back up the product.

They do mention that the information from the (HowIGrowTallerSecrets) based by NASA. But they put out some misleading statements that the only way to actually find out is to follow the step-by-step instructions from the guide for 2-4″ inches in height.

Yet, the author/editor (Dr. Mike Stevenson) shares to give out a coupon of 75% off from his professional ebook for only $47.00 as a one-time fee and keep it forever.

He also mentions a 100% money back guarantee. So, if you find that this height increaser program is for you then stop by and take a quick look at the book/guide’s official website.

But if you want something that shows proof of results from real evidence, then your best choice would be the Grow Taller Dynamics by Dr. Miller program!

Why do you ask me? Well, click here to visit my review and you will find out why its the most ranked program in my eyes.

If I ask you very nicely, would you submit a comment below this complete review? I would love to hear from you, so show me you’re alive that you actually read this full review based on this (HowIGrowTallerSecrets). Don’t be afraid to send me a question or anything!


  1. Brook L

    Hey Julio I have been looking at this for a while man !! I think I’ll give it try after this great article Thanks

    • Sure, Brook.

      After reviewing it, the (How I Grow Taller Secrets) might be something nice to gave it a shot. Let me know your personal experience !

      Julio Deus

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