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Ways To Become Taller | February 21, 2017

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Super Growth – Proof Right Here From My Results – Height Enhancer Review

Julio Deus

Super Growth – Proof Right Here From My Results – Height Enhancer Review

Super-Growth height booster spray is actually one of the height enhancers I personally gave it a shot.

For a fact, the reason why I jumped to a different “method” because none of the height “growth” pills gave me any height results of inches whatsoever.

So I found Super Growth spray and actually tried it !

Yes, I do have it with me right here and I will take pictures of me holding it for you to see that I am the proof that if the product works or not.

I applied Super-Growth spray every night before bedtime for more than 2 1/2 months !

Right now, you’re on your way to find out my before and after results in this review. I really like to be honest because there are too many scams out there.

Follow down and read !Super-Growth-Height-Enhancer-Review-ingredients-before-and-after-results-reviews-scam-does-super-growth-really-work-ways-to-become-taller


Name of Product: Super-Growth©

Official Website:

Minimum Price: 12 Month Supply – Comes to $64.92 Per Each

Overall Rate (out of 100): 98% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: 6-12 Months

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Super Growth© ?

Super-Growth is a height enhancer or booster who claims that all users will gain inches.

As I mentioned above, it’s a spray formula promoting to only carry herbal extracts in the bottle’s combination.

For a fact and since I’m writing down this review for you to see the exposing truth, I searched it up to see more about the product’s label and I actually found several websites who promote this Super-Growth height formula.

Yet, they now have a different bottle’s label as well, which I’m assuming it’s the newest version, since it’s been on the height enhancement market for over a decade.

According to the Super-Growth company, I should naturally grow taller in inches, all in a safe way, which the company mentions it can be used for children from about the age of nine and upwards.

Now one of the reasons why I personally gave this specific formula a shot because of the testimonials they offer to show from pictures and now they have videos, where folks gained growth in height within a short period of time.

Perhaps, not just in height results, but a few other benefits as well that myself as a consumer and all users supposedly should experience.

Read on !Super-Growth-Height-Enhancer-Review-ingredients-before-and-after-results-reviews-scam-does-super-growth-really-work-ways-booster-height-to-become-taller

Here Are The Benefits !

As they do mention, Super Growth formula has thousands of consumers who use the spray product and gained inches in height. They say that some experienced results within the first month, but it can take a few months for maximum results.

All customer users should expect several extra inches and gain flexibility for a better improved posture. So how many inches did I get? I’ll tell you in a few !

This natural growth item mentions to improve mood function, and increase energy levels.

Also, they claim to help with weight loss by boosting the metabolism rate and therefore, decreases excessive body fat and start developing to build more muscle tone.

Mentions to improve the liver function, plus the digestive system without any negative or harmful side effects.

Basically, all of the promoting websites claim to grow taller and improve several aspects.

But was that what I really experienced? Keep reading and I’ll show you my results !

How Should Super-Growth© Work?

The company who states to create and design this effectively and safe growth enhancer, would be by the (Super-Growth Inc) or just (SG Inc Labs). We tried to look up resources about this company and found nothing.

But the websites do mention that they produce only quality products from professional researchers who have many years studying to create a proven way to grow taller.Super-Growth-Height-Enhancer-Review-ingredients-before-and-after-results-reviews-scam-does-super-growth-really-work-ways-booster-proof-height-to-become-taller

However, it seems that the new formula of Super-Growth, the company directs to spray at other different spots as well, such as top and lower back (back spine), the legs (front and back of knees), elbows and other places as well, for best results.

So this is how Super-Growth natural height medicine should work !

According to product’s company, this item have the potential to increase the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels back up and that way, it should cause to enhance the bones and cartilage discs.

HGH known as Human Growth Hormone is the most important hormone for the growth factor on all parts of the body.

Super-Growth official website explains that this hormone is responsible for the growth of the cartilages and for overall bones.

So by stimulating HGH production, myself as a customer user should gain inches in height.

What Are The Active-Ingredients?

Funny thing to me is that none of the promoting websites (which are many of them out there) have listed the ingredient profile for all visitors or users to see.

Yes, I really mean that you will not find what the formula’s compounds are from anywhere else, other than me showing you since I have the bottle with me right here.

In fact, they all say that it’s an herbal height supplement, so therefore, the ingredients are such as ; Yashad Bhasma, Kukkutandatvak Bhasma, Godhuma Kumari (Triticum sativum), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Aloe Barba-densis, Shankha (Conch shell ash) and Super-Growth Herbal Essences.

None of them are actually known or familiar from my personal experience. Now each Super Growth solution contains 30 ml for 2 months of usage and all I did was apply a 1-2 sprays to my toes, from and back of knees, front and back of elbows, pulse points, etc and rub it, about 10-20 minutes before bedtime as directed.

Which is to increase natural HGH levels during sleep, and as according to them, they mention that it has a “very high success rate“.

Doctor’s endorsement? It shows nothing to really approve the formula to make it 100% safe for all users as the claims.

In fact, they do say that it falls under the FDA standards, since it’s “100% herbal“.

Super-Growth© Overview

The Benefits:

  • Increases Height for Extra InchesSuper-Growth-ingredients-Height-Enhancer-Review-ingredients-before-and-after-results-reviews-scam-does-super-growth-really-work-ways-to-become-taller
  • It’s a Spray Formula – Better Method
  • There Is a Newer + Improved Formula
  • Mentions to Increase Energy Levels
  • Claims it’s Completely 100% Natural
  • Should Be Completely Safe as Well
  • For People of 9 Years Old & Up for Adults
  • Promotes Fast-Acting Results – 4 Weeks
  • Several Testimonials For Proof It Works
  • The company’s Name was Found
  • Mentions to Help with Weight Loss
  • Build and Develop Muscle Mass
  • Very Popular in Today’s Industry
  • Improves Mood, Digestive and Liver
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Downfalls:

  1. No doctor’s recommendation found.
  2. It has a slightly strong odor. Not the best smell at all. It felt like some type of oil on my skin.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Yes, the Super-Growth company ships worldwide to anywhere all around the world. Which is why they are very popular all over the internet.

And for any discreet shipping?

When It got delivered to my door, it did show the company’s name, but other than that, no noticeable markings or product’s identification information about the its label was shown in package’s text.

For money back guarantee? Unfortunately, company (SG Inc) will only refund user’s money back within 30 days, if they sent it back unopened products, meaning brand new and have not used the spray formula, plus they exclude the shipping and handling fee.

Now to contact them?

Even though they are all the way up in Thailand country, but they do provide an address, phone dialing number, fax number and 2-4 email address from product’s websites to contact them for any reasons.

To me, they seem to really be behind the product, which makes them more reliable than other companies out there.

And for the official website, would be the (

Conclusion + ResultsSuper-Growth-Height-Enhancer-Review-ingredients-before-and-after-results-reviews-scam-does-super-growth-formula-really-work-ways-to-become-taller

So coming to an end, it’s about that time to show you my results !

After trying several types of “get-taller-pills“, at first I really didn’t think that this formula would actually work, but since I was desperate to grow taller and leave the average size crowd, I gave it a shot.

Yet, I am very happy that I did because not only I experienced more energetic levels throughout the day, but it helped me build muscle much faster, I always woke up refreshed and fully recovered from tearing my muscle apart at the gym. Yes, all  from the increasement of HGH levels produced in a natural way.

However, at this time about 4 months ago, I only bought the 2 month supply for a Super-Growth bottle because my budget is always tight from the low-weekly income payments I get. I wish I had “left over” money to actually be able to afford the 6 month supply.

Now you wanna know my height growth !?

I used it for a little over 2 months and not only I experienced several benefits of improvements, but I did gain only a full inch. So far, I went from 5ft 7″ inches to 5ft. 8″ inches. Yet, I’m still in the average crowd..

Therefore, Super-Growth was the only height supplement that was able to give me at least an inch in height in a completely natural and safe way. Yes, I do look forward to have some “leftover” money in the future and be able to afford the recommended 6 month supply to gain 2-3″ full inches for my satisfaction in height.

But I am not the only one who experienced the results they promise because I found a few other users out there to mention their results of inches as well. Here’s proof.


And you do know that Super-Growth solution formula is everywhere around, so to help you out, I will throw you the product’s primary-official website ( for your safety to looking at the real and original formula, plus it’s the newest improved version.

Now, next time I am able to buy the Super-Growth supplies, I will make sure to take a before and after picture, since this time I will and already know that the formula really works as they claim.



  1. Brian

    Hello Julio. Thank you so much for posting all this reviews!! I have been reading so much stuff and you are the most genuine person who is really looking out to helping others improve there height. So i just wanted to know did you take super growth with any other supplements? or did you do any exercises with it. I am really interested in buying supplements because i stand at 5.6″. Should i take super growth with growth factor plus?

    • Hey Brian,

      No problem man, you know I’m in the same boat just like you and every other person out there. Everyone needs to know the exposing truth of such products. Well, when I used the Super-Growth formula, I did follow with some exercises and ate some fruits, veggies, milk, etc to help boost up the process.

      Now, if you do take the Growth Factor Plus since its oral pills, together with Super-Growth as spray formula, I personally believe that we (me and you as users) could really expect real inches in height overtime, especially combining with some stretching exercises and have more nutrients to speed it up. I mean, that’s a good option Brian in my opinion.

      (P.s get back to me after your results, who knows that could be my option in the future as well, when I have enough money.)

      Julio Deus

  2. Andres

    Hi, I just wanted to know if having just this by itself would work as well instead of buying the grow factor plus together with this one,did you do it that way?

    Thank you.

    • Hey Andres,

      Yes, it should work for you as well, since when I used it, I didn’t take any other supplements, but only this Super-Growth liquid spray bottle.

      Julio Deus

  3. Rajat

    Hey Julio,
    I just wanted to know that whether this super growth spray solution gives the best & positive result as compared to other height growth supplement on which you have given your reviews?Should i take any ayurvedic pills too?? My height is 5’8” but i want to becum at least 6’0”. Has your height increased more after that one inch gain of urs??

    • Hey Rajat.

      Well, I used Super-Growth spray and I gained a inch only within a few weeks (a little over 2 months), which yes, it’s permanent growth. Now to be honest with you, those items claiming “ayurvedic” pills, powder, etc are not worth it. I mean, I have done reviews on so many of them from India, and nothing really backed it up with proof of evidence.

      Sure, I would consider giving Super-Growth a shot and who knows what your results could be. Let me know after you have used the recommended supplies of 6 months or more for best and maximum growth of height.

      Julio Deus

  4. Hai I am Niranjan from karnataka , India my age is 19
    My height is 5.6 I am so hurting of my height I will rise my height of up to 6 feet please give some suggestions to grow taller

    • Hey Niranjan,

      You are only 19 years old, you can expect to grow until your 21, which is when the growth plates starts to close down. And to be honest with you, if you start doing stretching exercises, eat more veggies, fruits, nutrients, milk, plus if you take the Super-Growth spray formula w/ Growth Factor Plus pills, you can expect to grow much more, especially how I believe that your body has not completely fused your growth plates.

      There are also programs/guides that you can give it a shot, such as the (GrowTaller4Idiots).

      For Your Growth Success,
      Julio Deus

  5. Jorgeey Melendez

    Julio I use supergrowth for like 5 month and it work for me. I got 2.7′ inchs in my height now man. I still got 1 container left, can i buyy more after? thank you so much bro

    • Hey Jorgey,

      That’s really awesome to hear that I was not the only one here to experience height results. Yes, you can and should purchase more supplies, where I would go for another 6 full months supplies in ordered to get the maximum results of height growth. No problem, I appreactire you taking your own time to letting me and many users out there that this product (Super-Growth) really works as we expect.

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  6. JChan

    Dear Julio,

    Man you don’t even know how glad I am to find this website, I think your site is absolutely great, I have had so much questions and concerns about many of the products in which you have taken the time out to review and examine and testified for.

    I have been finding ways to grow since 2 yrs ago, I am now 17 yrs old. And so much thanks to this very review/testimony,I have gained faith in my un-sated dream of height growth. I have purchased the 6 month package of Super Growth(Emptying my wallet…the things I do for height..sigh), and I will update my progress as time goes.

    I, like alot of people out there I would believe, have an unsatisfied wanting to be taller, for sooo long.

    I have tried many grow taller methods including, the herbal health team grow tall pill,(, which did boost my metabolism and energy level as many of the other pills u reviewed did aswell.
    I have also tried several grow taller eBooks including, Grow taller for idiots and grow taller dynamic, in which I have gain flexibility and minimal height increases but it was not permanent, right after I stopped stretching, the gains were lost…

    Hopefully Super growth will be the last height growth supplement I will need to take.

    But really, thank you for taking the time to develop this site, it’s like the only source of viable review I have encountered online ever. Much appreciation!!

    • Hey JChan,

      That’s great to hear you enjoyed reading my honest reviews on my website. And regards the Super-Growth spray formula, awesome by using it the 6 months supply, in my opinion and if you follow with some stretching exercises, you can expect growth of height as well.

      Now regards the height increasing programs, It always best to follow the program while taking a quality and effective formula, such as this Super-Growth spray and the Growth Factor Plus. By the way, have you got a chance to take a look at the Growth Factor Plus pills? I got a comment once from a user who have been using the combination of Super-Growth spray formula + Growth Factor Plus and he gained incredible results, according to him.

      I believe its a great way to boost up the process because the Super-Growth spray works by spraying on the outside body’s skin and the Growth Factor Plus pills, you’re looking at swallowing the pills and boom, that’s effective way to reach more height growth from my experience.

      For Your Maximum Growth,
      Julio Deus

      • J'ason

        To Julio,

        I have been on Super growth for 2 and half months and I only saw 2.1cm of growth. Julio I only got some left over and what do you recommend for me? Should I buy another kit or go for the growth factor +? I know you are honest so tell me your suggestion. J’ason

        • Hey Jason,

          Well, you’re telling me that you have gained 2.1 cm of height growth, then that means its really working for you as well. What I would do if I were you, I would continue with using the Super-Growth formula for at least 6 months or more to see how many growth you can get.

          Keep a positive mind and keep doing what you’re doing and use it for another 6 months and boom, you should have gained inches in height, since its working for you. Remember that results may vary for each individual, meaning some may take longer than others to get the best results.

          For Your Success,
          Julio Deus

          • Aki

            Yes I completely agree with you.
            Can you please give me one more advice I am 22 year old and 5’7″ currently and having a busy college routine, I am only able to sleep 6 hours a day and currently not in a state of buying the product however with few efforts I may be able to buy one month supply of the combo.
            So my question is that should I buy it now or should I wait(at least 15 months) so that I could afford 6 months supply and combine it with basketball and stretching (as I don’t get time to do these activities now) ??

            My college will end next year in June; considering I’ll become an Engineer, I may get a decent job and then add a few months after that in order to finally afford 6 months supply. but I’ll miss one year of growth.
            Sorry for long post I hope you understand what I meant.

          • Hey Aki,

            Sure, one month supply is not enough. You need at least 3-6 months or so, to experience real results of visual growth in height. Yes, I would save up and get the 6 month supply and start your daily routine. 1 month supply, you’re basically just going to “try it out” and not see results of inches in just 30 days. Now within 6 months, you surely can expect to increase your height there, along with your daily routine.

            Hope This Helps,
            Julio Deus

        • Akshay

          Did your height increased any further ??
          Plz do reply.

          • Hey Akshay,

            Well, I personally only used it at that time for 2 month supply. I have been saving up money to purchase the 6-12 months package, but my budget is little tight, since its expensive to have the money and order these effective height growth products.

            Yet, the old saying, we get for what we pay, so I might as well wait until I have all my money saved up and get the products for my needs. For me as my personal preference, there is no point of buying a single bottle, then at the end of the month, order another one and keeps going. I rather pay at full and get the 6-12 months, as what I’m planing.

            However, I’m not the only person who used this product, as you read the recent comments, there have many several real customer users who have shared their experience with such product.

            Julio Deus

  7. sia

    Sir i am a gal aged 22.hoping for a genuine growth increasing dose.will using super growth spray wont lead to any future complexions like prob in pregnancy for me??or it will lead to fattening?? m too skeptical just for dis reason otherwise i will take this spray cz m dien to get tall.sir do mail to clear mah doubts.what should be done!

    • Hey Sia,

      Well, first you should do one thing first. I would use this Super-Growth spray formula for at least minimum of 6 months, then when you stop using it, you could finally go for pregnancy routine. If you get pregnant while using this effective formula, I would stop immediately because with any type of product/supplement, you need to contact a medical doctor and stop using the product to prevent any birth effects. No, increasing dose will not help. Its best to use it as directed from the manufacturer for your safety and to gain best results.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  8. Rachid

    Hey Julio

    I m Rachid , I m 28 year old guy , height 6 months ago was 4.9 feet and by using supergrowth, I m now 5.2 !! I couldn’t be happier and excited about becoming taller. Julio , I read your review and you gained 1 inch in 2 months , you re like me .. The first 2 months , I believe it was a full inch , then by the 4th month , I was like 5.1 and when I reached 6 months , I measure and I m currently 5.2 inchess !!

    Reachid Montarello

    • Hey Rachid,

      That’s fantastic ! I actually got motivated by just reading your comment from your results. So barely with me here, Did you follow with some stretching exercises or joined in a fitness group class or sport? Did you have more nutrients in your diet, please share your complete routine of what you did to help me and many folks out there as well. By the way, I highly appreciate you taking your own time to let me know your experience with the Super-Growth !

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

    • Ha

      Congrats! That’s a blessing

      • Hey Ha,

        Thanks. I mean, anything in this world is possible, as long as you believe with the power of mind, put in effort to do whatever it takes, and take the right stuff.

        Julio Deus

  9. sha

    My question is where to buy this Super-Growth formula and Growth factor?

    • Hey Sha,

      Very simple and easy, all you would have to do is go to their official websites and order online. You would choose your package of supplies, add your information and paying method, then checkout and you should get your supplies within a few days. So I’ll throw you both product’s following link for you to click ;

      Julio Deus

  10. Miguel Montero

    Hey Julio

    My name is Miguel and I want to share my review w super growth and w gfp. Sha commented asking for the 2 products and I want to show you my result. julio I have pictures for you! I bought super growth on october 18 after you put up this article and I bought growth factor plus on october too same day. I take 1 capsule in the morning and another one at night, I use the spray every nite before I go to sleep and when I start I was 5′ 3 inchs. End of january my wife measure me, I am 5′ 6 inches tall now julio. I got like 7.8 cm in 4 month. Again I took GFP capsules w super growth everyday. Thank you alot julio

    • Hey Miguel,

      That’s incredible how you gained that amount of growth ! I actually believe you because with Super Growth alone, I achieved 1″ full inch within 2 months and now imagine with Growth Factor Plus together using it for 4 months. Sure, I will email you so you can follow me up with these photos, hopefully its before-and-after photos so I can post it up on here and show everyone on what to expect by taking both effective products. I appreciate you sharing with all of us your results, did you do some stretching exercises throughout the daily basis, were you able to have more nutrients in your foods? Please share more about your routine to help all of us ! Thanks Miguel

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

      • ajnam

        hey julio
        Is Montero speak seriously that he has grown 3 inch in four months, have you seen his picture plz answer me thanks barry .
        my age 22 years old my height 174 cm

        • Hey Ajnam,

          Yes, I actually do believe him because its possible, anything is possible in my book. Sure, give it a shot and see the results yourself.

          Julio Deus

  11. affan akhter

    Hi julio,
    I’m 17 yrs old and my height is 5’11, I want to grow atleast 2 inches more.
    So, I have read your articles about supe growth and growth factor plus and im thinking to them both a shot, but is it safe to use them together?

    • Hey Affan,

      Well, even though the Super-Growth spray and Growth Factor Plus pills are very effective and both safe to use, you’re only 17 years old and you will grow until your 21 years of age.

      Both of these height growth products are for adults, and if I were you, I would stick to some stretching exercises in the daily basis, keep eating nutritional foods, get your 8-10 hours of sleep per night and focus on joining in some group classes, such as Yoga, Basketball or Swimming classes.

      Yes, you will naturally grow taller by your expecting results of 2″ inches or even more by the age of 21 years old, from my experience and opinion, since you’re only 17 years old and have grew a lot !

      For Your Height,
      Julio Deus

  12. mayank

    hey julio i am 18 years old now and my height is 5″1inch. i think that my height is stunted due not taking proper nutrition and sleep in previous 4 years.
    there is no changes in my height after 16 years. do u believe that by taking growth factor plus / super growth i can grow my height??
    i lost my all hope because i looks like fully grown adult in 18 years..
    does gfp beneficial to increase my height.
    please give me honest suggestion.please.

    • Hey Mayank,

      Yes, that could be the cause of why you haven’t grew, or genetics. Super-Growth or/and Growth Factor Plus are effective to increase height, however you still need to have more nutritional foods, sleep 8-10 hours per night, follow with some stretching exercises or join in yoga, swimming, basketball or classes that involves in jumping and stretching, and with the use of these supplements together, you can expect to increase of up to 3″ inches or more. That’s my honest suggestion, which I do mention to everyone because it’s really possible, as real users have sent me messages and comments.

      Julio Deus

  13. mayank

    thanks julio ,,i will sure give a shot to gfp and put my results here after some months.

  14. ART

    Hey julio, a couple of weeks back I wrote you, I asked you what happened with the GFP webpage, I was eager to share my results with everyone and see everyone else’s experience about it… What happened? Why is it down? It was the more popular one haha

    • Hey Art,

      Yes, I know, that page plus a few other pages is still down, which the hosting provider promised me to get all my pages back to normal by this week, including the Growth Factor Plus page. Hopefully and then, you can share your results with everyone else.

      Julio Deus

  15. Atul hudd

    hi julio ..
    i am 18 years old and my height is 5″5. iwant to increase my height at least 3 inches . can growth factor still works for me in 18 years. i lost my all hope because i looks like fully grown adult.. also i used step up height powder for 8 months but no result found…
    does this gfp really works for me ??

    • Hey Atul,

      Yes, you’re only 18 years old and you’re going to grow until your fully 21, by that means, with using the Growth Factor Plus pills, it will allow your body to boost up your height potential and grow more to a taller stature.

      Yes, you will still need to eat more nutritional foods, exercises or join in a group classes, such as Basketball, swimming, jumping around, yoga, etc whatever best fits you, and get your 8-10 hours of sleep per night. That way, you can assure to expect those 3 inches within 6 months or so.

      Now regards that “step up height powder”, I have done a review on them and unlike the Growth Factor Plus pills, I couldn’t find any proof of results or evidence to make us grow taller with using that powder. Yet, you can always visit the Growth Factor Plus official webpage by clicking the link below at ;

      For Your Height,
      Julio Deus

  16. Katherine

    How old are you Julius? I am 4 feet 10 inches and 25 years old already..will this work for me too? If I use it maybe I should apply it only on my back /spine because my growth plates are fused already and it may not work.What do you think about it? By the way, thanks for the article. There are lots of scam so it’s confusing.

    • Hey Katherine,.

      Well, first of all, my name is Julio and not “Julius”. I am 23 years old, turning 24 in a few months. Yes, if you take the Super-Growth spray formula and follow with the procedures, as I tell everyone else, follow with some stretching exercises (Yoga, etc), 8-10 hours of sleep every night, eat more foods that contains the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, etc, and have a positive mind, you can achieve some results of growth.

      Now you’re 4.10 inches, which I would also take the Growth Factor Plus pills together, which will boost the process from the inside and the outside from the Super-Growth spray formula. You should apply to every area as directed.

      No, it doesn’t matter if the Growth Plates is fused because the formulas will lubricate the fused cartilages, build and grow the joints, bones, and increase the natural production of HGH hormone. That’s why it should work to most users out there, with you taking action as well.

      No problem, I know I am tired of so many scams out there. Scams will always be around and that’s with any type of category, which I consider myself a professional reviewer to find out everything about such item, by my researches and opinions, plus some products that I experienced from my personal usage, such as this Super-Growth and others.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  17. Ha

    Just ordered a bottle of GFP! Can’t wait to see how it helps! Faith

    • Hey Ha,

      That’s awesome! Remember to follow with some stretching exercises in the daily basis, eat more nutritional foods, get your 8-10 hours of sleep per night, a positive mind and with the Growth Factor Plus pills, you can assure to get some growth results within 6 months. Please come back to me and share your experience of results with all of us.

      Julio Deus

  18. Ha

    Thanks man!! I’ll definitely have to let you guys know..

  19. Jay

    Does Grow factor plus really work? im 24 yrs old and i stand 5’5 i still want to grow atleast 2 inches, do they ship anywhere in the world?

    • Hey Jay,

      Well, from my experience of researching many sources about the Growth Factor Plus, with proof of evidence found and many real consumers have actually shared their results of growth with me and others out there, Yes it does work.

      You mentioned 2″ inches, I mean that’s definitely a result that you can really achieve it by using the Growth Factor Plus pills w/ Somatroppinne HGH pills or Super-Growth spray. Either 2 products working together, you can expect 2-4″ inches.

      Yes, their company do ship worldwide to anywhere around the world. You can find out more about GFP by clicking the following link below to visit the product’s official website at ;

      For Your Results,
      Julio Deus

  20. Baljinder kaur

    Hi julio
    i am 23 years old and i m just 5 .. i really want to increase my height. please julio give me a best advice which product can be helpful for me … thanks julio….

    • Hey Baljinder,

      Awesome, your my age here. Now regards the best products out there where I have done over 100+ reviews, the best option would be go with the Growth Factor Plus pills together with either Somatroppinne HGH pills, or with this Super-Growth spray formula.

      Plus, you need the procedures that I recommend to everyone, which involves stretching exercises in the daily basis for at least 20-45 minutes or join a group class (yoga, basketball/jumping, swimming, etc), you need the nutritional foods in the daily diet, 8-10 hours of sleep every night, positive thinking and with that plus by the taking either both formulas, you can increase your height there within 6 months.

      For Your Growth,
      Julio Deus

      • Delsin

        Hi julio,

        I am 22 years old and just 5`9. My personal aim is 6`0 but I would still be glad if I could just get 2 or 1+ inches. Through view all your reviews, I want to know that is ‘gfp + super growth’ a better choice or I should just buy ‘gfp + Somatroppinne’. Please tell me which is the most effective one and I`d like to give it a shot.

        • Hey Delsin,

          Yes, either ones complete package should work to increase your height there by those 2-3″ inches you want within 6 months or so. The effectiveness may vary to each individual, no product whatsoever will give the same results to other users, where some could achieve faster and better gains, while others may take longer to see results in height. What matters is how your body reacts to the whole process. Plus remember the procedures as well that needs to be included, which is very important in my opinion.

          For Your Gains,
          Julio Deus

  21. Shawn Tarsweki


    I just received both the spray aswell as GFP! Please let me know exactly where and how much you sprayed the spray everynight 10 min before bed.


    • Hey Shawn,

      Well, you need to follow the directions as directed on each product’s label. Now what I can tell you is that you need follow with the procedures to boost up the growth potential, such as getting proper foods that contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc (meats, poultry, diary- milk, yogurt, veggies, fruits, etc).

      Remember your 8-10 hours of sleep per night, have a positive mind to expect those inches, and most important, stretching exercises or join in a group class (yoga, swimming, basketball/jumping, etc). Now by doing all of that in the daily basis, you should grow taller in height, plus feel better, more confidence, and other benefits.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  22. AJ

    Hey Julio, I am almost 16 years old, I was wondering if Growth Factor Plus from would help me grow taller. I says that it helps people grow taller when they’re growth plates are fused. If my growth plates are not fused yet will this product work?

    • Hey AJ,

      Yes, Growth Factor Plus does help increase height, even if our growth plates are fused/closed.

      However, you mentioned that you’re only 16 years old, which you’re still growing taller until you’re like near 21 years of age. Yet, from what I know, the company/manufacturer for the Growth Factor Plus formula, they recommend only for folks over the age of 18 years old.

      For Your Age,
      Julio Deus

  23. anurag

    i am 19 yrs…old..and want to know if i can gain 4 inches in 6 months..??

    • Hey Anurag,

      Well, you’re only 19 years old and which your growth plates are still somewhat open, which makes it faster and easier to gain the results of growth, without forcing the body to grow taller. Yet, to expect 4″ inches in 6 months might not be to realistic, in my opinion. Which, I’m not saying it’s not possible because anything is possible in this world.

      Now you will have to go with this Super-Growth spray formula w/ the Growth Factor Plus pills, and when you reach 6 months, please come back to me and let me your results of growth, from 2-4″ inches depending on how your body reacts to everything.

      Julio Deus

  24. icy dequingco

    Hi there im glad that i saw this genuine review of yours. Im 36 from Philippines and only 5’2″ you think this product will work for me inspite of the age? Im really curious about this product and would definitely give it a try. Hope to hear from you. God bless!

    • Hey Icy,

      Okay, you’re 36 years old at 5.2, which it doesn’t really matter if the growth plates are fused or not. The only the way to find out how much results you can get, is to give it a shot.. Have you got a chance to take a look at the Growth Factor Plus pills as well? I would take both formulas, Super-Growth spray and the Growth Factor Plus pills.

      Julio Deus

  25. niraj

    hello jullio, will they accept visa debit card for buying growth factor plus as i dont have any credit card

    • Hey Niraj,

      Credit cards and debit cards are the same payment method, meaning it should accept any type of bank card you have there.

      Best Regards,
      Julio Deus

  26. Good Morning

    you have to find a way to grow?


    • Hey Michel,

      Yes, I have found it, due to several reviews/comments from real users who have gained results as well.

      And that is by taking Super-Growth spray formula together Growth Factor Plus pills, with following the procedures of such as ;
      1. Stretching Exercises in the daily regimen or join in Yoga, basketball/jumping, swimming classes.
      2. Eat nutritional foods throughout the day.
      3. Get your 8-10 hours per night.
      4. Positive mind to expect those gains of growth.
      5. Of course, by taking Super-Growth spray formula together with Growth Factor Plus pills. By doing all of that, we can expect to increase our height.

      Julio Deus

  27. Roy

    sir julio,,
    i really want to increase my height at least 3inches at any cost. my current height is 5″4 and age is 21 years. my friends make fun of me..
    is there any way to increase height at least 3 inches..
    is it possible.. please help me please ..

  28. Roy

    thankyou sir.. for giving me motivation by your reviews. i must try gfp and super growth spray.. and share my results after some months.
    thanks again

  29. Your method works on all people?

    and 30 years?

    • Hey Tan,

      Yes, according to the product’s manufacturer and from the research I have done to gather all information and details w/ proof of evidence that it should work. Now to be honest with you, the only way to actually find out your results of growth in height, is to give it a shot within 6 months, plus by doing the procedures.. Then see it from there as your gains.

      Julio Deus

  30. TAN

    growth factor must take how long?

    Somatroppinne or super growth

    • Hey Tan,

      Well, with any type of height product out there, have to use it for minimum 3-6 months, as the body prepares itself for the changes. Now I would take either Growth Factor Plus pills w/ Somatroppinne or with the Super-Growth spray for best and maximum results within 6 months or so.

      For Your Results,
      Julio Deus

  31. TAN

    I will buy or smatropinne?

    I will take one month for each month

    because it’s too much money

    • Hey Tan,

      Well, I personally would save up money and get the full 3 or 6 month package, that’s what I’m doing. To me, I find it more convenient in my opinion.

      Julio Deus

  32. Caroline

    Hey Julio !
    Thank you for answering my last comment. I’m going to buy Super Growth and see how it goes.
    I was wondering for the Growth Plus pills, you said you have to be 18 to use them, would 17 do (I cannot wait that long, the wait is going to kill me!) ? What are the problems of taking it before 18 years of age?
    Again, thank you very much for your helpful advice. How is your growth process going by the way?

    • Hey Caroline,

      Yes, the Growth Factor Plus company states that its for all folks of age of 9 years old and older, as I mentioned on the review.

      Julio Deus

  33. Ahmed

    Hi man i’m looking for these honest posting for along period man!! so i’m 17 my grow plate are still open how many inches i will get if i use it for 6 month

    • Hey Ahmed,

      Yes you can use it, since its for folks over the age of 9 years old , as the Super-Growth company does mention it. Now regarding how many inches, results may vary to each individual, since our body has different chemistry and reacts differently all products. The only way to find out, is to give it a shot at the age of 18.

      Yet, you can start today with doing some stretching exercises everyday for 30-45 mins, remember to sleep 8-10 hours per night, eat more nutritional foods, such as diary, poultry, meats, veggies, fruits, etc, and that would help to make your body start to grow taller, since your growth plates are still open, which makes it easier to grow.

      Julio Deus

  34. Ahmed

    Ps: i will be 18 after 4 months

  35. Filip

    Hi julio for sports does skipping is better than basketball because it’s focusing on jumping

    • Hey Filip,

      Its basically the same, since its jumping.

      Julio Deus

  36. sweet

    hello julio, m really happy… that cus of you…my thoughts for getting taller didnt go wrong..I will b 19 in dis 21 april….n m a female..Actually the main problem that m facing is the payment method.. (m indian) they only accept visa/master card..but m not using either of dis cards…actually I did have b4 master card but…unlucky me it got lost. (actually my bro lost it..uugghh …i was rlly pissed off at him….n was sooo sad..)But now m using rupay debit card..n it seems they dnt accept it….please help me…n also is der a way that I can order via telephone ….n do dey take money on delivery like sum products….reply me…m sooo tensed…:(..

    • Hey Sweet,

      I mean, there is nothing I can do here. Its their company and they only accept what those type of payment methods. No, they don’t delivery and accept to pay the at the door, American products, you pay first, then they delivery the product to your door.

      Julio Deus

  37. Teresa Fu

    Hi, Julio ! I am 23 years old ! And only 157 cm , I wish to increase my height to 160 to 165 cm in 6 month periods ! Will super growth works for me ? Is the result permanent ? and most importantly not side effects ?

    • Hey Teresa,

      Yes, Super-Growth should give you those 5-7 cm within the 6 months. You’re 23 years and if you follow with the procedures of stretching exercises in the daily routine, have more nutritional foods in your diet, every night getting 8-10 hours of sleep with a positive, patient mind to expect those growth, and with using Super-Growth, you can expect to increase your height there. No negative side effects from my experience with Super-Growth and yes, growth in height should be permanent.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  38. Fred

    Hi julio do you grow without stretching with the super growth

    • Hey Fred,

      Well, stretching is a big bonus to do. By stretching, it allows the body parts, bones, joints, spine to lengthen and with an effective product, such as Super-Growth and Growth Factor Plus, it will fill in the spaces between to increase growth in height. Stretching exercises is a must. Try Yoga or swimming classes, it should be more fun and enjoyable.

      Julio Deus

  39. Weslley

    Olá, Julio. Eu tenho uma pequena dúvida. qual é a maneira de usar o spray, corretamente? os dedos? Explica-me pilulas e onde comprá-los

    • Ola Weslley,

      Você teria pulverizá-lo para partes específicas do corpo como dirigido, igual nos pes, nu na sua coluna traseira, etc. Voce so encontra no site official,

      Julio Deus

  40. Geo

    Hi i’m 17 yeard old you say yoga swimming basketball jumping should i do them all?! or i just only pick one because all of them is so hard to do daily

    • Hey Geo,

      Well, you can actually do just one of them or join all of them to make it more enjoyable and have more potential to increase your height there. There is actually sport/fitness clubs, such as YMCA, etc who does have yoga classes, swimming pool, basketball court, stretching areas and others. If you get a chance to join a sport/fitness club like this one, you can do one class per day, where it would be more fun and help alot with increasing height penitential. Plus you’re only 17 years old, you have a few years left to naturally increase your height.

      Julio Deus

  41. Nedved

    Hello julio thank for this amazing web. My question is i’m 19 and my growth plates are still open if i combine gfp with super growth and following good stretches how many inches should i gain max ??

    • Hey Nedved,

      Yes, if you do get both combination of Growth Factor Plus pills with this Super-Growth spray, plus with following the procedures I personally recommend, such as “good stretches” in the daily basis, eat more nutritional foods, getting 8-10 hours of sleep per night and with a positive, patient mind, you can really grow taller in inches.

      Now I can’t tell you how much inches you would grow, but you can expect 2-4″ inches within 6 months or more, depending on how your body reacts to the whole process.

      For Your Results,
      Julio Deus

  42. Greg

    Hi julio

    What is better to combine with gfp with super growth or gfp with somatroppinne because i will order it soon for 3 month and i will let you know about the result not only telling you i will post a picture for my new height

    • Hey Greg,

      I mean, I can’t tell you exactly what would be the best option for you, but I can tell you that either one Growth Factor Plus w/ Somatroppinne or Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth spray formula should give you the results you expect, within 6 months or so, plus with the following the procedures that I personally highly recommend from my years of research to naturally grow taller.

      Sure, please do show me the before and after pictures of using it for at least 6 months, because when you gain inches in height, I want to be able to post it up on here, where it would show more proof to everyone that we (as users) can grow taller !

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  43. Terry

    Hi julio

    I’m using growth factor plus with somatroppinne right now can i hang on a bar daily and play basketball do skipping is that enough i hate streatching

    • Hey Terry,

      Well, you can do that every single day for at least 30-60 minutes, instead of stretching. Yet, stretching exercises would be the best option to lengthen the whole body parts and boost up the height growing process while you’re taking these effective formulas of pills. Remember nutritional foods in your diet, 8-0 hours of sleep, positive patient mind to expect those growth in a few months from 6 months or so.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  44. Wilson Vargas

    Hello julio how you been? I do not know if you remember me talking to you in like 7 months ago, I bought that growth factor plus + Somatropinne + super growth 6 month package, I eat healthy, I exercise, I swim, I sleep 11 hours everyday, I got great result man. I am from colombia, was 5.4 7 month ago, I now 5.7 and half currently now bro. I thank you so much for your blog

    Thank u

    • Hey Wilson,

      That’s fantastic, so you bought all 3 products for all 6 months supplies? I know that was expensive, but hey you got the results, that’s all it matter in my opinion. Wow, you sincerely explained everything I wanted to know, thank you for taking your own time and coming back to me to share these great results you got. I wish you had got some before and after photos for more proof? Let me know, thanks !

      I Appreciate,
      Julio Deus

    • Drake

      Hi wilson congratulation for your growth. what kind of exercise to you do and how old are you ?

    • Raja

      what is your age ?

      • Hey Raja,

        I’m currently 23 years old.

        Julio Deus

  45. Filip

    Hi julio can i use the gfp with somatropinne and super-growth or it’s too much ??!

    • Hey Filip,

      Either one should work incredible to gain height, as according to users experiences. Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth for 6 months usage, plus the procedures that I recommend to everyone, should increase height growth within 6 months or so.

      Julio Deus

  46. Rodregez

    Hi julio can you answer my question

    What is the highest gains you ever recived from your users ? Because i’m planning to buy the gfp with somatropinne !!


    • Hey Rodregez,

      Well, since results varies to each individual, meaning some gets better and faster results in height, while others take longer to see results, the highest gains was probably over 3″ inches in 6 months of using the Growth Factor Plus w/ Somatroppinne. Now the Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth, I received one from a user to mention he gained 4″ 1/2 in 7 months. I’m just being honest here.

      Julio Deus

      • Rodregez

        Damn julio 4.5 inches in 7 months so definitely i’ll go for the gfp with the super-growth 6 month each i’m still 18 years old (179) cm

        • Hey Rodregez,

          Sure, plus your 18 years old. The sooner, the better and faster results. Yet, just because some did gain over 4 inches in 7 months with these products, it doesn’t mean you will have the same results. Either you will get better results or it could take longer, it all depends on how your body and chemistry reacts to the whole process, plus your lifestyle and nutrition. Results varies to each individual.

          For Your Age,
          Julio Deus

  47. Teresa Fu

    Julio , Thanks ur advice ! Will grab one soon and update u with result ! By the way , is there a problem with the payment recently ? Coz , i click ‘pay now ‘ ,but it shown that there are unable to receive payment !

    • Hey Teresa,

      I actually have no idea whatsoever. I mean, go back to the website and try it again after a few hours. Sure, let me know after 3-6 months of using the products.

      Julio Deus

  48. June

    Hi Guys,

    Im trying to buy online thru their website but their paypal account has been very erratic, anyone who has any success yet?


    • Hey June,

      Wow, you’re not the only one who mentioned that about their Paypal account. Yet, it seemed that the high volume of orders, was causing that. Try after a few hours or the next day. Hopefully their team at Super Growth fixes the problem.

      Julio Deus

  49. Ha

    Thanks for your website I must say. I just ordered Super-Growth and I was wondering how long does it take to receive it? Thanks

    • Hey,

      It depends where you are at? Since they ship worldwide. From my personal experience, it took less than 2 weeks to get it delivered to my door.

      Julio Deus

  50. Ankita Dey

    Hey Julio i am Ankita .can you please help me? Is it provide cash on delivery?

    • Hey Ankita,

      No, I don’t think the Super Growth company have this option to pay cash on delivery. From what I know, the only way is to visit their official website at and order your supplies online by choosing the payment method, such as Paypal, credit cards, etc and then, they will send you the supplies to your doorstep.

      Julio Deus

  51. Rob

    Hi julio thank very much for this incredible website my question is the guy who gain 4.5 inches !! Does he mentioned his age?!

    • Hey Rob,

      Yes, age 28 years old male from India.

      Julio Deus

  52. Ahmed

    I ordered the 4 month supply super-growth and the 3 months supply growth factor plus and i will do send you the results and yeah i forgot age:22 height: 178 cm

    • Hey Ahmed,

      Sure, let me know your results after 3-4 months. Remember to do the procedures that I personally recommend to everyone.

      Julio Deus

  53. Neha

    Hi julio ,
    I am 19 yr old female . I am 5 feet tall . I really want to increse height . Will this work for me ?
    What do you recommed should i give it a try ? Just this super growth height enhancer or with growth factor plus together ?

    • Hey Neha,

      Okay, so you’re only 19 years old, Yes Super Growth w/ Growth Factor Plus would be your best option to grow in height. Both products will potential have the effects to allow to grow taller within 6 months or so.

      Plus exercising in the daily basis or joining in a group class such as (yoga, basketball, etc), having more nutritional foods in your diet, positive patient mind to expect to increase your height within 6 months and by using both formulas together, you can really expect to grow taller in height.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  54. Lampard

    Hi julio i already have a hgh booster called “hgh pro” and it’s very strong booster can i use it with super growth 6 month supply

    • Hey Lampard,

      No, I personally wouldn’t add that HGH booster, but Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth. Yes, 6 months is the recommendation to expect to grow a few inches in height.

      Julio Deus

  55. Rob

    Hello julio i’m thinking to use the three super growth with growth factor plus and somatropinne what do think

    • Hey Rob,

      Your best choice would be the 6 month supply for each, Super Growth spray formula and Growth Factor Plus 6 month supply. That way, it will allow enough time to let your body make the changes to grow taller by inches. Plus, you do need to follow with some stretching exercises, have a nutritional diet, 8-10 hours of sleep per night, positive patient mind to expect those growth in height, and within 6 months, you should have grew taller.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  56. Kareem

    Julio !
    On january 18, I buy the 12 month super growth. Used it alone for 3 month and saw some results. Then I found your blog by the end of march and got that growthfactor plus 6 month kit and i am using both. I feel like it is helping so much, I feel like my body stretch out, I feel un-describable man. Best feeling i dont know which one but i give credits to these products. I from India was 5.2 and I know now I am much taller. I need to visit my doctor and see my new height.

    • Hey Kareem,

      Really, that’s fantastic to hear it ! Loved how you explained and by each sentence as I was reading, it just kept getting better and better. Yes, let me know your “new height” growth? Thank you for sharing your results.

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  57. Geo

    Hi julio what was your routine when you grow a full inch by super growth

    • Hey Geo,

      At that time, I was only exercising at the gym, nothing big and of course, my diet was healthy, plus I did get good sleep every night. Now from my experience and from several research I have done in the past months and years, the best way to boost up the height growth process is to follow with some exact stretching exercises or join in a group class such as (yoga, swimming, basketball, etc), plus the diet needs to have healthy, get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, have a positive patient mind to expect those height growth, and within 6 months of using and following these procedures, you can assure to expect increasement in height. I’m the proof and have several real users out there that have gained inches in height.

      Julio Deus

  58. Raja

    Hi, julio
    what is age of kareem?
    and kareem i am also from india can we make contact? please
    my mobile number is 9589412007.
    i want to buy gfp+super growth spray+somatropinne

  59. ruben

    Hello my name is ruben Julio and am 23 years old, I’m from Argentina, Buenos Aires. My height is 168 centimeter. I want to buy supergrowthen, my question is whether you need to exercise in order to grow?

    • Hey Ruben,

      Yes, stretching exercises in highly beneficial to boost up the growth process of any kind of height growth products. Therefore, at the age of 23 years old, and by using the Super Growth for 6 months or so, plus with stretching exercises 30-45 minutes a day, healthy diet, get 8-10 hours of sleep every night, patient postive mind and again, within 6 months you can expect to have increased your height there.

      Julio Deus

  60. Raja

    Hi, Julio
    i have an request to please make me contact with kareem who had posted comment from india on June 1, 2015, ask him for his email id or mobile number so that i can make contact with him please julio help me make me contact with him or give him my number +91 9589412007 and email id, or ask him for contact me or ask him for permission that i want to contact with him

  61. Scarlet JF

    Hi Julio,
    There are already a lot of comments, so I’m not sure if this was already asked, but…
    How was your lifestyle? I’m 23 and 5’1, and I wanted to grow up to at least 5’6. But for some years now, I’ve been taking too much caffeine (tea and coffee, to be exact. Which, according to some ‘studies,’ are not good for growth) and I loved drinking alcohol. You think I’d still have a chance, after all that? Thanks!

    • Scarlet JF

      By the way, I’m not alcoholic, I just happen to drink weekly. And I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and I also do yoga.

      And another thing: I have scoliosis. My doctor said that not growing taller was an advantage for me, because height gain might’ve made it severe. But since SuperGrowth claims to improve posture, I was thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal? Thanks in advance!

      • Okay good Scarlet. Yoga (stretching exercises), healthy diet, getting 8-10 hours of sleep, positive patient mind, and with the use of Super-Growth spray formula, within 6-12 months, you can expect to increase your height by inches, as you want 4-5″ full inches, which will take some time and effort, but it will reward you at the end with the results you want. Here’s the Super-Growth primary website for you to visit at ;

        Julio Deus

    • Hey Scarlet,

      Well, yes I did and still do have a healthy lifestyle, which you will need to experience incredible results of inches in your height. Now you mentioned you’re only 23 years old, and with having caffeine in your diet and drinking alcohol or smoking, it may affect the height growth process, since it takes out the necessary nutrients and ingredients out of your system.

      Yes you can grow taller, just stop doing with that and focus on a healthy lifestyle/environment such as stretching exercises in the daily basis, have a healthy diet of poultry, meats, veggies, fruits, diary foods, etc, get 8-10 hours of sleep per night, positive patient mind to expect to increase your height and with taking the Super Growth spray for at least 6-12 months, then you can expect to have increased your height by a few inches or so, depending on how your body responds to the whole growing process.

      Julio Deus

      • Scarlet JF

        Thanks! I’m willing to give up coffee and alcohol for this. Again, thanks very much for the info!

  62. Savannah

    hello Im a female turning 16 in a few months.. I am currently 5’5 and my desired height is 5’8.5 or 5’9 i desperately want to be this by late summer next year to do my dream job.
    Is this possible? I searched through your website and was wondering what combos would be the best to get to my desired height.. Growth factor plus + super growth spray? how many months? (including stretches and healthy eating) If you can get back to me as soon as possible that’d be great 🙂 thanks so much

    • Hey Savannah,

      In my opinion, your best option would be to stick with some stretching exercises in the daily basis, have more nutritional foods in your diet, get 8-10 hours of sleep per night, positive patient mind to expect to grow taller, and by the time you’re 18 years old, you should already have grew completely naturally and if somehow you still find it that you need to grow taller, then you can get these effective and safe products, since both products recommends for individuals over the age of 18 years old.

      Yet, there is a height growth program called 5InchHeightGain, click here to find out more on the review !

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  63. Felipe

    Hey Julio. I am 17 and 5″2 and my growth plates are already closed. So is it even possible to grow anymore ? My doctor said that wasn’t possible so i amn gonna show the gfp
    And i am wondering if i use this super growth + growth factor plus +sommatrpine +8 hours sleep +swimming +healthy food + stretching exercises what results shoul i expect? More or less than 3 inches ?

    • Hey Felipe,

      Did your “doctor” really claim to you that your growth plates are closed? What kind of doctor is this? I have never heard of that, at the age of 17 years for a male human. Yet, you already know what to do for a full 6 months or so, to expect those 3 inches or more.

      You Know It,
      Julio Deus

  64. Vaibhav

    I got my Super Growth Spray… pls guide me how to used the same???

    • Hey Valibhav,

      Just read the product’s label, where it will tell you exactly on how to use it. Which, I do know that it should come with instruction, just read it and follow it as directed.

      Julio Deus

  65. amielcabatchete

    I want this product so much ill be ordering this, 🙂

  66. Loh

    Hi Julio,

    May I know which part of your body grew? Do you feel your legs grew or just the spine area?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Loh,

      Well, you can ask every person that has used the Super Growth product, our body grows by every part, not just the legs or spine. Everything grows, just like when we were growing at our young age.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  67. Amiel Cabatchete

    hai julio, i did order super growth height enhancer,
    im wating for my product now, Im So exited of getting taller men, im from philippines 17 yrs old
    Do you think 4 month supply is enough for me to get 1 inch bro? ^_^

    • Hey Ariel,

      Yes, you can expect 1″ full inch or more, within the 4 month supply. Remember to conduct with some procedures as well, to help boost up the process and that is (stretching exercises in the daily basis, more nutritional foods in your diet, minimum 8 hours of sleep every night, and positive attitude to expect those growth of height). Then come back to me and share with me how many growth you’ve gained.

      Julio Deus

  68. Hi julio i used super growth for 4 month and i only grew 3 cm i noticed growth on 2 cm in the second month and 1 cm on the third month and none on the fourth so do think that’s it or should i continue ??

    • Hey David,

      Well, to be honest with you, that’s still great that you gained some growth in height within those 4 months. Now in my opinion, I would continue using it and continue with the same process or better, to keep growing taller. Remember, for maximum results and maximum potential in height, I would give it a full year to gain those inches in height.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  69. Muhhamed

    hi julio..i m frm india nd age is 21 I had to try it myself to believe the hype and it worked. After about 3 months I gained an inch. I was super stoked! Wishing I could’ve gotten just another inch but an inch, I’ll take it!

    • Hey Muhhamed,

      Awesome. Great to hear, which I’m not surprised at all that I’m not the only one who have gained a full inch within 2-3 months. Now if you have enough money, I would keep using the products and within 6-12 months, come back with before and after pictures for extra proof of evidence and let me know your results of inches, where Yes, you can expect to keep growing and not only gain an inch.

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  70. Nash

    Hi julio:
    Your website is so nice.I am 28 years old, how many bottles to buy? I want to increase 2inches

    Thank you

    • Hey Nash,

      Thanks for your feedback. For up to 2″ inches, I would give the 4 Month Supply or the 6 Month Supply of Super-Growth a shot, then within 4-6 months, come back to me and share with me your results of inches. Who knows how much growth you’re body will react to the whole process, and only way to find out is to try it, in my opinion.

      For Your Height,
      Julio Deus



    i dont have crdit card. i have only debit card( mastercard). can i purchase online?
    In the payment option there is no option for debit card…..

    • Hey Nishant,

      To me, there is no difference. You can simply add your debit card to the credit card option to purchase anything online. And that’s from my personal experience, I always had clicked on on credit card option and made the purchase using my debit card. Here is the Super Growth website that I personally have ordered from when I grew full inch ;

      Hope This Clears It,
      Julio Deus

  72. Edison Le

    Hello Julio,

    I was wondering what happened after the 6 – 12 months supply? Will your body still grow after that. I have read all the review but there’s no data pointing after the recommended supply? And How does this liquid work. Does it accelerate cartilage rebuild through the skin?


    • Hey Edison,

      After 6-12 months, your body will start taking maximum effects to still keep growing taller, the bones, cartilage, and joints gets stronger, healthier, bigger and longer. I would personally recommend for at least minimum 6 full months to expect a few inches in your height there.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  73. Ahmed

    Hello Julio I used super growth for less than 2 months and I think that I grew a full inch thank you for your advice and I ordered the growth factor plus and it will arrive after 1 week….also I got 2 container left (super growth )

    • Hey Ahmed,

      Fantastic! That’s great that you gained a single inch within 2 months, awesome just like me ! Now if the Super Growth really worked for you, I would stick with SuperGrowth spray formula until you reach your maximum height potential.

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  74. venkat

    Hi Julio,
    I am 24 years old…I want to grow 2-3 inches.Can u suggest me super growth height enhancer to be used for how long?


    • Hey Venkat,

      Sure! Okay so you’re 24 years of age and needs an additional 2-3 full inches, I would go with the 6 month supply of SuperGrowth for you to able to reach those 2-3 inches you want.

      Remember to include a good diet, stretching exercises in your daily routine, get those 8 hours of sleep every night, and having a positive attitude, which by including these procedures will help boost up the process and get you the height growth you need.

      Hope This Helps.
      Julio Deus

  75. Erica Langeford

    Hi Julio –

    I was wondering, how many inches do you believe my 17 1/2 year old may grow if he uses Super Growth for 4-6 months? He is currently 5’9.25 and is looking to increase his height by at least 4 inches. Also, I recently purchase Growth Factor Plus 1 month supply and am waiting for it to arrive, how many inches do you feel the 2 products combined will give him?


    • Hey Erica,

      Okay, 4-6 months of using the SuperGrowth for your “almost” 18 year old son, he can expect at least 2-4 inches or so, depending on his health environment (diet, exercises, sleeping quantity, etc) and how his body chemistry will react to the effects of SuperGrowth grow taller spray.

      2 products combined with only 1 month of Growth Factor Plus may not do much. You need to use it, just like you said at least 6 months.

      Julio Deus

  76. Gel

    Hi, I’m 20 years old and my height is just 4’8″ or 4’11”. Do I have a chance to gain more height? What should I take, what should I do? Can you help me about it? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey Gel,

      Okay so you’re 20 years old and less than 5 feet tall, yes you can grow taller if you take the correct supplements to enhance your growth such as the Super Growth spray for at least 4-6 months, plus to boost up the process, you will need to follow with some stretching exercises, have a good diet, get your 8 hours of sleep every night, positive patient attitude and within those 6 months, you can assure to expect some growth in height of inches.

      Now I can’t tell you how much inches/growth or so because each person’s body chemistry is unique and different, some get faster and better results (just like me a full inch in 2 months) and other individuals may take longer to see visual results. The only way to find out, is to give the product a shot and do what you gotta do to grow taller within 6 months, than come back to me and share your results just like others did.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  77. Tyler

    Hello Julio. I have been taking GFP for 4 months now, and i’m finishing up the 5th month. I have a few pills left until The end of the bottle and I’m expecting to be 2 inches taller than when I first started 5 months ago. I am now 1.5 inches taller and within the next 10 days I hope to gain another .5 of an inch. I also just bought 4 months of super growth tonight and I have another bottle of GFP. I think what I’m going to do is use super growth for a month then start retaking the GFP while applying super growth then buy another bottle of GFP and use that on the third month of Super Growth to maximize my results. I am 5’8 right now. I have a realistic height goal of 5’10. How much did you grow with super growth and GFP and how much did you grow when combined?

    • Hey Tyler,

      Well, I would continue doing what you’re doing to keep growing taller. Keep taking the Growth Factor Plus and keep have the same routine because you’re almost there to gain the exact growth you want. I mean, that’s what I would do.

      But again, it is your choice. If you do really want to maximize your growth, then by adding Super Growth effective spray, it can help make you grow taller in a faster way.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  78. Boris

    Hi Julio,

    a friend of mine had great results with super-growth (3 inches in 4,5 months). But I am curious if the combination with GFP is better than just using super-growth alone. Can you tell me the benefits of using GFP and super-growth at the same time?


    • Hey Boris,

      Yes, I get the similar questions by several folks in the daily basis, so I’m going to answer you and let everyone else know that by combining both products together, it can make you grow faster in less months plus, it can maximize your results without no side effects.

      Of course, you’re not going to take the products and do nothing, join a sport (basketball, swimming, etc) or add some stretching exercises (30-45 mins), nutritional diet, 8 hours of sleep every night, etc and boom, within the next few months, you should have gained growth in height.

      Best For You,
      Julio Deus

  79. singh jaweed naheem

    hey julio i ordered a 6 month supply of super-growth and a 6 month supply of grow factor plus. now i dont know i if i should use both products at the same time or just one first and then the other next. please help me my friend

    • Hey Singh,

      Yes, use both products together. Growth Factor Plus pills, and the Super Growth spray for maximize results.

      Julio Deus

  80. Al

    Hi Julio,

    I’ve been following your blog for quite a while ‘coz I’ve also been looking for the best height enhancer. I just wanna ask, “When you use the Super growth spray, will it still be okey if you do weights on the gym?” Or should you stop doing any weight-lifting exercises?”. Were there things do avoided doing when taking the super growth? If so, what were those?

    Thank you for your response in advance.

    • Hey Al,

      Well, it all depends on how hard are you lifting weights, such as heavy dead-lifts, heavy squats, and heavy compounds, I personally believe it could effect the growing taller process when using extremely heavy weights. But again, light weight-lifting exercises should be okay. What I would do is add stretching exercises for at least 30-45 minutes before starting your weight-lifting sessions.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  81. Cris

    Julio, thanks for the website. Well appreciated. I have one question for you, my parents are short but my big brother is about 6ft tall and he’s about 21, and it looks like he grew from 18-21 naturally with no products.This gives me hope for growth but I just turned 19 a week ago, im only 5’4 – 5’5 ish. I just started growing facial hair around 6 months ago, and my growth plates are still open at my wrists. Do you think it is possible for me to grow to at least 5’8 by 21? It really sucks being 5’4 lol, i plan on using growth factor plus with super growth for a year or two combined. I am also thinking about adding Peak Height Maximizer into the mix just to make sure im getting the right vitamins and nutrients. Do you think this is a good idea?

    • Hey Chris,

      Yes, at your age of 19 years old, I would definitely give the Super Growth w/ Growth Factor Plus a shot, where even though maybe you can grow just like your brother there in a complete natural way, by using these effective formulas, you sure can expect to reach up to 5″8 or more depending on how your body reacts to the growing taller process.

      Now you mentioned Peak Height Maximizer, I personally have used those pills before for a few months and no results at all. Plus, you don’t need those, with the usage of Super Growth + Growth Factor Plus, it should be enough supplements to make you grow taller. Just don’t forget the procedures (do your part as well) that you need to add along.

      Julio Deus

  82. Ha

    Hello! Back to let everyone know that I did gain height; perhaps anywhere from two to three inches. Not sure if I can give all the credit to super growth because I also did a lot of stretching but I know for a fact that it was a big help. Blessings to you guys 🙂

    • Hey,

      Awesome, that is great to hear. It’s always good to know another person came back to let us know your incredible results. Thanks for sharing. So how long have you been using the Super Growth formula?

      Julio Deus

  83. Rajat

    I’ve recieved four months supply for super growth around a week ago. How much should I expect from this? I always find it difficult while applying it on the back. I’ve started swimming as well is it good or I should play basketball instead? I at least want 1-2 inches by this four month supply. Wish me luck Julio

    • Hey Rajat,

      Either one or even both, swimming and basketball are bonuses to help increasing height. Yes, the 4-6 month supply, you can expect 1-2 inches depending on how your body reacts to the effective ingredients of Super Growth formula.

      For Your Results,
      Julio Deus

  84. Humberto

    Julio, pelo nome parece ser brasileiro. Poderia me dizer se este produto realmente funciona? se manteve a altura que conseguiu com ele.

    Vi este outro produto que vc postou, falaram bem dele nos comentários , mas vc ja o usou tmb?

    Aguardando, abraço.

    • Oi Humberto,

      Sim, os dois funciona muito bem. Alias, este Super Growth ja foi um dos suplementos para crescimento que funcionou pra mim crescer em altura. Agora o Growth Factor Plus, eu ainda não usei, mais pela as pessoas que usou, muitos falou bem sim dos resultados.

      Julio Deus

  85. Lhen

    Hi Julio,
    I will try to use the spray and the super grow plus. I been trying to find the a medicine that I can take. I saw the gloxi didn’t work.
    I will give you a result after I used both.

    • Hey Lhen,

      Sure, let us as everyone else know your results after a few months of progress.

      Best of Luck Always,
      Julio Deus

  86. Hey julio
    Sometimes I go to sleep at midnight. Is it okay with the treatment of super growth? And thanks to you I found this product. Hope it works.

    • Hey Ellie,

      Yes, that’s what I did. I would apply Super Growth spray before bedtime.

      Julio Deus

  87. Richard

    Hi Julio,

    I’m 20 years old and turning 21 in 4 months and my height is currently 5″2 I’ve recently bought the Gloxi Height Enhancer and I’ve been taking it for almost a week now and realized that i didn’t have enough knowledge about the product and i haven’t read any reviews. That’s when I decided to see if there are side effects and positive results. Then I came across you’re reviews about height enhancing products. I don’t drink or smoke and I do light lifting and play wide range of sports (Badminton, Basketball, Surfing, etc.) but I don’t stretch. I’m just a little concerned about my liver getting damaged. Do you think I should stop taking Gloxi Height Enhancer or should I finish the 1st box then get the Super Growth spray and/or the Growth Factor Plus? What can you recommend? I’m from the Philippines btw. Thank you.

    • Hey Richard,

      Yes, I would definitely stop using “gloxy height enhancer” right now due to side effects proven by previous users of the product. Now you mentioned which one I recommend regards Super Growth spray or the Growth Factor Plus pills, well the Super Growth is effective just like the Growth Factor Plus, but one is a spray and Growth Factor Plus are pills to take. Either one, you can expect height growth of inches within a few months, plus there are both much safer than “gloxi” items.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

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