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More Growth X Gainer – What Are The Side Effects? – See Reviews of Complaints Here

More Growth X Gainer – What Are The Side Effects? – See Reviews of Complaints Here

I actually found the More Growth X Gainer on a retail website and while taking a quick look at the product container’s label, it says “maximum growth, great results“.

I figured, let me search it up and see what I can come up with. Therefore, we found the More Growth X Gainer official webpage, where it does seem like a “professional” site.

With a front head banner on its primary website, they promote that it’s a brand new and the “most powerfulproven formula around.

Now, they are claiming a number of promises to not only increase height by inches but other benefits as well.

So for you to see everything on how it works, what to expect, and every other information, I would follow down on this review!



Name of Product: More Growth X Gainer®

Official Website: Click here

Check on here

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is More Growth X Gainer®?

According to our sources, this More Growth X Gainer claim it’s the safest, most powerful way to grow taller in stature.

They mention to help keep and maintain the body healthy, strong and improve body tone for a fit body figure. It should grow inches in all users, plus gain improvements in overall health and function as well.

Product’s company mentions it’s the industry-leading product, who has been clinically tested for approval and based on “scientific theory” produced in a GMP certified lab.

They also promote that it’s a doctor approved formula, and looking at the product’s main website, it does show a “doctor” image holding the formula, but no background from any medical expert’s endorsement.

Okay, clinically approved? They failed to show any form of test or studies to back up the claims.More-Growth-X-Gainer-Side-Effects-Reviews-before-and-after-results-ingredients-price-india-order-buy-scam-doctor-ways-to-become-taller

Yes, they claim that it’s a 100% safe, natural and effective to make us completely grow in height. You know, we see many claims around the internet and not all is actually true!

Meanwhile, It seems like it’s a growth-enhancing powder and not pills/tablets or liquid formulas.

What Are The Claims?

With a number of promises, the main target that this More Growth X Gainer claims is to gain “a few more inches safely“, as according to them.

Now the benefits of using this height growth enhancement, are to improve body posture, decrease excess body fat while developing a fit and healthier body tone.

The company promotes that If I were to use the formula, I should experience and feel stronger since it strengthens the bones for thickness and the spine more lengthy, plus stronger.

It should grow both top and lower body parts, such as lengthening the legs, increase the skeleton frame, improvements on the joints, discs, and cartilages.

They mention to accelerate overall growth of bones, improves the immune system, flexibility, balances the Atomic Nerve system and gain a better health, as they explain.

And for proof of evidence? The company/organization called (Genius health Care Corp.) offer to show testimonials in a standard state, meaning they are all written and not before and after picture proof.

Yet, all of them claims to have actually achieved inches in height!

For who is it for? Male or female who is the age group from 14-34 years old can gain results from using this More Growth X Gainer formula.

How To Take It? / How It Works?

At product’s primary website where they have an FAQ section, it says to take the More Growth X Gainer powder in breakfast first thing in the morning, for the ingredients to kick in during the day, and at night before bedtime, since sleeping cycle is when HGH production is more active.

So let’s take a quick look at how it works!

As I’m reading the product’s webpage, they claim to contain only safe and natural compounds, which they are L-Arginine HCL and L-Ornithine HCL.

These two active ingredients are known to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH levels all in a natural way. Since they state to develop the product under a certified GMP laboratory, it should have the right proportions of ingredients to cause no side effects.

However, they misspelled “growth hormone” and they do mention how the Human Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth.

Furthermore, More Growth X Gainer company mentions “Dr. Tran’s key”, who is a professional scientist and he actually discovered the (High Technique for Bone Growth) from researching for many years.

Supposedly, this technique should enhance the spinal discs to improve posture, stimulate to reach the blood vessels, and increase the growth hormone for height growth in a faster way, as they explain.

So, I’m assuming they don’t only want us as customer users to only take the powder, but also do some type of techniques as well to naturally grow taller being safe and permanent.

Yet, I found a statement saying to provide “a group of six essential foods to boost height“.


The Good:

  • States to Increase a Few InchesMore-Growth-X-Gainer-Side-Effects-Reviews-before-and-after-results-ingredients-price-india-order-scam-ways-to-become-taller
  • Improvements on Body Posture
  • Claims to Quickly Grow All Body Parts
  • Reduces Excessive Body Fat
  • Promotes It’s Complete Safe
  • For Users From Ages 14-34 Years Old
  • Mentions to Gain a Fit Body Tone
  • Strengthens Body for Stronger + Healthier
  • States to Achieve Permanent Gains
  • Improves Flexibility, Immune System
  • Claims It’s a Medical & Scientific Solution
  • Mentions Dr. Tran’s key for a Technique

The Bad:

  1. Found nothing to mention anything about a money back guarantee. – Makes it Risky
  2. When I click the (Order) button on both official websites, it pops up a 404 error page. – What’s the USD price, and how can we order it?
  3. It seems to me that they want us to take the powder, do a “technique” and follow with a proper essential diet. – Takes effort
  4. Even though they mention “doctor approved” and a so-called (Dr. Tran) for a technique, no real doctor’s endorsement found.
  5. The testimonials are all standards with statements of content. – No proof of pictures
  6.  We found that it’s available in India country. Might be only available to purchase and ship to that area only and nowhere else.
  7. They only mention two compounds. So what are the rest of the ingredient list?
  8. Even though they say it’s “scientifically proven“, shows no data or structure.
  9. We found mixed reviews from positive that it works, but negative ones that caused side effects on users, such as “deep knee pains, elbow, and all joints get pains”.



We actually looked through the FAQ section, Privacy Policy and on the Disclaimer page and found nothing to mention anything about a refund/return or money back guarantee. Big NO-NO!

For the shipping process, they do ship all discreet packages to all users for the consumer’s privacy.

To pay, they state to accept credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, or debit card, but again, when I click on the (Order) tab, it redirects me to a 404 error page on both of their websites.

If somehow, we don’t find it safe enough to provide our credit card information, then we can send a payment via money order, money gram or western union payment services.

But for folks in the Indian area, they mention accepting cash on the delivery spot by simply giving them a call. I can also contact them from a form they provide at their primary official website.

Final Thoughts & Opinion

First of all, let me tell you!

They mention on their main website that they are different from other height growth products out there because the ones in the market and internet are “all fake pills and fake eBooks with false promises of height increase.

But as according to them, this More Growth X Gainer powder formula is “completely true and realistic“. Yet, they failed to provide proof of evidence from any before and after images, a form of science or clinical trials were done on people.

I mean, how do they want us as customer users to have faith and believe in their product with so many claims and promises, with nothing for proof?

Now, the broken order links to the product’s websites don’t make it too reliable and relevant in my opinion.

In fact, while searching for the product online, we found several customer users to mention their experience. Some say it works and claims to have gained inches within a few months and others, shares to face negative side effects, such as pain.


And we do know that they offer no money back guarantee, or else they would have it up on the product’s website.

From my personal opinion and thoughts, I find this item very risky, due to side effects, nothing to back up the claims, no refund policy available, plus several other red flags.Super-Growth-Results-Honest-Review-Before-and-After-Photo-Customer-Reviews-How-To-Use-It-Ingredients-Formula-Height-Grow-Tall-Ways-To-Become-Taller

Therefore, I used a height growth product called Super-Growth liquid formula and I faced no negative side effects whatsoever, but I only gained an inch in my height from using it for a little over 2 months.

Super-Growth is an effective spray formula and if I had continued using it, due to having enough money to purchase more bottles, I personally think I would have achieved my desired height of 3″ inches taller.

Yet, now I’m only 2 inches to reach 5.10″ in my stature here, so if you would like, stop by my review and find out everything on how I did it and about the product’s label. You won’t regret!

However, you may have different opinions and if so, please provide your thoughts below this review in the comment section. Don’t be scared or have fear, because we have the right to say anything we want at the anywhere, anytime or whatever. Freedom of speech, so share your experience as well as others did!


  1. dev

    I have used the products but it’s don’t work my age is 24 is this possible to gain some height if is it possible so how inches I can gain my height is 5.5 and I want 2 more inches approx 5.7

    • Hey Dev,

      I believe you, thanks for sharing your experience with such product so called “more growth x gainer”. However, have you got a chance to take a look at the Growth Factor Plus pills? Or even the Super-Growth effective spray formula, either one should suit what you need in height growth.

      Thanks for Sharing,
      Julio Deus

  2. Richa

    I have bought this product ”MORE GROWTH X GAINER” for 3 months package.
    But unfortunately, I am not seeing any growth in my height even though its zero percent.

    I have bought this product with full of trust and believe.
    Now, they are also not refund money.

    Now, i feel like dump by their people.


    • Hey Richa,

      Wow, you’re not the first person to complain about such product. Yet, I truly believe you and I feel what you’re feeling, I personally have been there before. That is why it important to do your research as I now have full real information about most height growth products/programs out there.

      Yet, have you checked out the Super Growth spray formula, which was one that I got results in height growth. You can click here to visit my review and see what other real users are also saying about such product.

      Sorry To Hear,
      Julio Deus

  3. hi…im 29 years old, 5.3 feet….can i grow tall by using this product?

    • Hey Pon,

      Well, from my researches of findings and evidence I was able to find, plus several real customer users to mention no results here, I would not recommend using this product. I would definitely go for something that has been proven to really work and be effective, plus completely safe such as the Super Growth spray formula. You can actually find out more by clicking here and visiting my review in order to find out more on how I personally grew taller.

      Julio Deus

  4. Mahesh

    Don’t trust moregrowthxgainer… I am using this product for last 4months… No use…not find even a single inch… age 24

    • Hey Mahesh,

      That’s right, which is why according to my researches and findings, I came to conclusion to rank it very low points because of no proof of evidence that it will cause any height growth. Plus with you sharing your experience here, it will definitely help many others out there. Thanks for sharing

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  5. nithin

    Sir I am nithin from India …I just wanted to ask is that super growth spray formula of 1 bottle is one month supply or two? …
    Can I use it for one year continuously??? Plzzz reply soon

    • Hey Nithin,

      Yes, each bottle of Super Growth works for longer than a full month. Yes, within a full year of using the product, you should see visual results in height of inches, plus following with some procedures to help boost up the process, and that is (stretching exercises in the daily basis, have a nutritional diet, sleep minimum 8 hours per night, positive patient attitude to expect those growth in height and within 1 year, you will see great results. Now you can visit the Super Growth official website by clicking the following link below at ;

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  6. john

    hi sir iam 28 years can i grow 6 inches with this product?how can i get this product? help me plz

    • Hey John,

      Well, not with this product, I doubt you will increase your height up 6 full inches using this item, since there is no proof of evidence found.

      Yet, have you got a chance to take a look at the Growth Factor Plus w/ Super Growth spray formula? With this two combination, you can expect to increase your height by 2-4″ inches or even more, depending on how your body reacts. Plus you do need to follow with some procedures.

      Julio Deus

  7. Tyrone crooks

    Thanks for posting your opinion. So does that Supergrowth really work? I look forward to to buy it

    • Hey Tyrone,

      Anytime ! Well, Super-Growth is some effective spray formula and I personally used it as you see the pictures of me holding the bottle, I was able to achieve 1 full inch within a little more than 2 months. However, you will need to use it for minimum 6 months for best results. I actually have the review here and you would find out all about it.

      Julio Deus

    • sapna

      it is fake . fooling people

      • Heu Sapna,

        Thanks for sharing, yet I believe you since there is nothing showing me proof that something like this really works to increase our height.

        Julio Deus

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