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Growing Taller Secrets Book – Complete Review – By Robert Grand

Growing Taller Secrets Book – Complete Review – By Robert Grand

I have recently stumbled upon a book called “Growing Taller Secrets” at Amazon retailer and searched it up, found it that they even have an official website to make it seem that it’s a “professional” guide/book.

Now scrolling down the product’s primary website, it says that we can “grow taller naturally and easily” by only following this complete book.

However, it’s not always what the product labels, but most importantly what consumers are saying about their personal experience when using the program.

At this review, you’re looking at how this Growing Taller Secrets book works, what actual users are claiming from before and after reviews, and every information you would like to know!Growing-Taller-Secrets-book-review-pdf-amazon-reviews-before-and-after-results-robert-grand-ways-to-become-taller


Name of Product: Growing Taller Secrets

Official Website:

Amazon Website:

Minimum Price: Complete E-book Price Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 12 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6-12 Months

Refund Policy: 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee

What Is The Growing Taller Secrets Book?

This natural book promotes that it’s the journey grow taller in a safe way without the use of any other method, such as drugs, surgery or any chemicals, but in a completely natural way.

As you look at the front book’s label, it does say the author’s name who is (Robert Grand) and reading on the product’s description at the Amazon website, Robert Grand has been studying ways on human growth for about 2 decades.

He first introduced his first book, which is this Growing Taller Secrets first edition in the year of 1999.

According to them, this complete book is loaded with information from 20 years of study and research sources that “most doctors don’t even know“, as they sincerely explain.

Now what this book should do, they claim to maximize the full potential to increase height in all human, which I’m assuming it doesn’t matter our age or genetics.

Basically, it’s a 198-page book with the important secrets to grow in height from 2-5″ inches without using any type of method included.

How Does Growing Taller Secrets Book Work?

I have come across a resource that this author (Robert Grand) mentions to only include real, scientific and medical research for facts and recommendations on what to do.

It should be some easy, simple and quick ways to grow taller, but they do say, it’s not a “miracle pill” to grow within a few days.

This Growing Taller Secrets book claims it’s packed with suggestions and directions for instructions on how to do it a natural and safe way.

Now reading through the product’s main website, they mention that the book consists of 5 factors.

  • The First Factor: It talks about Puberty on how it begins.
  • The 2nd Factor: The Genetics chapter on what makes the body grow.
  • The 3rd Factor: Now it’s the age part. The younger, the more potential.
  • The 4th Factor: “How you were raised during the first years of your life.”
  • The 5th Factor: This last factor is on what to do to achieve the height we desire.

Robert Gland (author) also mentions Human Growth Hormone, which is the important hormone responsible for the overall growth of all human’s body.

However, to increase Growth Hormone, the book should show us how to release and stimulate natural HGH levels from the techniques of exercises alone.

They state to include the main ingredients for daily nutrition on what to eat on a daily basis.

For Who Is It For?

Well, did you know that females stop growing from the age of 14-21 and for boys, we stop growing between the ages of 17-21?

The creator of book/guide says that the younger and sooner we start following the program, the more potential on height growth we can achieve, where he claims 2-5″ inches.

Yet, he does mention that “It’s just the impact of the program is more significant if it is done at a younger age“.

Then reading through the official website, myself as an adult can reach up to 1-2″ full inches, which it requires knowledge, belief, and action as the author explains.

Perhaps, the creator mentions that the book/guide will not require anything additional to purchase, but only follow the instructions, recommendations, and facts on what to do to achieve maximum height growth.

Overview Structure


  • Promotes to Gain 2-5″ InchesGrowing-Taller-Secrets-book-edition-review-pdf-amazon-reviews-before-and-after-results-robert-grand-ways-to-become-taller
  • All In a Complete Natural Way
  • No Need To Buy Anything
  • Mentions it’s 100% Safe
  • Does Have an Official Web page
  • Many Information about the Book
  • Scientific Details from over 2 Decades
  • Affordable Price – Very Cheap
  • We found Several Positive Reviews
  • Claims to have Full Email Support
  • 12 Full Month Money Back Guarantee


  1. Seems that it’s mostly for younger people, such as kids, teens and young adults in their early 20’s.
  2. 198 page is plenty and a lot of information. – Might feel overwhelming with too much information.
  3.  The book’s official website does not offer to show any scientific form of evidence or any proven studies to really back up the product.
  4. The author/creator is a “normal” person and not a scientific researcher because, on the second page, it does have a brief description of who he actually is.
  5. No picture found on who this Mr. Robert Grand looks like to make it more “professional”.
  6. This is the first edition book, which the second edition was introduced in 2010. So why two editions? If the first one should really work, from my personal thoughts.
  7. The author/creator took 8 days to actually answer one customer user back from only a question, as we found on Amazon reviews.
  8.  Several customer users do say it did not work at all. – They mention, plenty of “useless” information.
  9. I know for a fact, it requires much effort and time. – Might take up to a year to see results.


Even though it’s all natural and safe techniques, it might take as close as a year to actually gain some “inches”.Growing-Taller-Secrets-book-edition-review-pdf-amazon-reviews-before-and-after-results-complaint-robert-grand-guarantee-ways-to-become-taller

Which, they do claim to cover up the book with a 12 month (1 year) money back guarantee.

And that’s only if you purchase from the product’s official website.

Since it’s only a book, you will get it through the mail, or they also mention that if you want to read it through a computer screen, we can download it (PDF) right away after processing an order.

Now the author/creator claims to answer all emails within the “same day”, but one consumer on Amazon reviews states that it took more than a full week to get a response.

Final Facts

To me, I personally find it too complicated to actually read through a 198 pages book and actually know from the top of my head on what to do.

In fact, I found many disadvantages why I personally wouldn’t buy this book/guide, even though it’s cheap.

Now for proof of evidence?

Well, the Growing Taller Secrets website does not offer to show anything to actually back up the product!

How do we know if it’s proven methods of techniques to really work and actually be safe?

Yes, this so-called “Mr. Robert Grand” is just like me and you, a “normal” person who searched up tons of information and gather together to write a book, as what I read from his brief description of who he is.

So what I’m trying to say here is that this Growing Taller Secrets book is not for me because I don’t have the patient to wait a year or so to actually grow a few inches from something that have no scientific proof or clinical medical evidence. How do I know it will work on myself?

But, consumers on Amazon Reviews does say that they literally gain a few inches from following a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and exercise activities.

So if you’re willing to put in the effort, read the whole book over and over until you actually understand it and follow the correct instructions, I’m not going to say it won’t cause inches, but I sure want you to come back to me and let me know your experience of results.Grow-Taller-Dynamics-Review-By-Dr-Philip-Miller-Results-before-and-after-reviews-scam-download-ebook-pdf-ways-to-become-taller

However, I would personally like to put you to the (Grow Taller Dynamics) by Dr. Miller and it’s basically a step-by-step HD program for height growth enhancement, where I found before and after videos for proof of evidence, and you’ll get the complete program for a low price.

I would personally stop by the review I wrote regards on (GrowTallerDynamics) program for you to see everything they mention about not only using the power of exercises to achieve height growth but other sources as well.

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