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Groayu Growth Tonic by Vegayu – Ayurvedic and 100% Vegetarian 200 ml Liquid

Groayu Growth Tonic by Vegayu – Ayurvedic and 100% Vegetarian 200 ml Liquid

In the Ayurvedic Indian online market, they don’t only sell height growth capsules, but other methods of forms as well, such as creams, powder, and we found this liquid bottle.

This Groayu Growth Tonic claims to heighten up our stature by 3-6″ full inches!

I actually noticed that some liquid enhancer formulas out there in the height industry don’t really get into how many inches to expect.

Now looking at resources that we found about the Groayu Growth Tonic, they all mention that it’s for every single person who needs to boost their height potential.

Yet, maybe it really does what it promotes, so sit back, relax and read a few lines to find out all about it!Groayu-Growth-Tonic-by-Vegayu-Ayurvedic-and-100-Vegetarian-200-ml-Liquid-height-growth-enhancement-liquid-ways-to-become-taller


Name of Product: Groayu Growth Tonic

Website: Retailers Only Carries It

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Must See With the Retailer

What Is Groayu Growth Tonic?

According to our sources, this Groayu Growth Tonic supplement does not have an official website, but only available in the Indian marketplace.

Basically, they claim that it’s an Ayurvedic and herbal liquid formula to increase our height by several inches.

They promote that it doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, skinny, fat, male, female, child, teenager, adult, etc – you name it.

In one website promoting this height enhancer formula, they mentioned the manufacturer who developed this Groayu Growth Tonic, called (Laxmi Arogyam Pvt Ltd) based in India country.

Somehow, there are many products from India claiming to really increase height, but most of them we have reviewed failed to back it up with proof of evidence.

Therefore, Groayu Growth Tonic does not have any reviews/testimonials or any before and after pictures to show all visitors and users that it may really work.

Yet, this is another item with nothing for medical proof done with the formula. How do we know it’s really safe? Or effective?

Nothing for any endorsement neither!

Indication – Dosage

This Groayu Growth Tonic promotes to only gain height growth of a whopping 3-6″ full inches from just using this height enhancer liquid item.

E-commerce websites don’t mention anything other than that, such as any benefits from the bone structure, etc.

Now each bottle contains (200 ml) and even though nobody shares on how it works, they shared about the directions and the intake of the product.

All you would have to do is shake it well then take 15-20 ml two to three times per day after meals and they mention with “warm water“, if you’re an adult like me.

And for kids and teenagers?

As directed, they want children to take only 10-15 ml twice a day with “warm water after meals”.

Keep reading!

Groayu Growth Tonic Ingredients

Groayu Growth Tonic as an herbal formula, third-party websites are saying that it’s 100% Vegetarian and Ayurvedic, which it should be safe, effective and natural for height enhancement.

One retailer states that the natural ingredients are processed under hygienic and medical standards for testing each component.

Yet, it shows nothing to back up these statements!

Now the extracts of compounds that we found, are such as Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Root 400 Mg, Bala (Sida Cordifolia ) Root 400 Mg, Satavari (Asparagus Racemosus ) Root 250 Mg, Chitrak (Plumbago Zeylanica ) Root 25 Mg, Draksha(Vitis Vinifera ) Fruit 25 Mg, Gokhru (Tribulus Terestiris) Fruit 25 Mg, Amruta (Tinispora Codifolia) Root 12 Mg, Sunthi (Zingiber Officinalis ) Rhizome 12 Mg, Loha Bhasma 50 Mg, and Syrup Base.

Yes, that’s a large list of ingredients, where they do mention that no side effects should occur.

Perhaps, one promoting online-marketplace shares that they are all “high-quality natural ingredients, which enhance the taste and its effect“.

Other than that, we don’t know how it should work. For example, does any compounds here increase the HGH levels, bone growth, growth plates, etc?


Groayu Growth Tonic is from the brand called Vegayu.

I was actually able to find this height gainer enhancement in several retail websites and most of them have the same re-used information.

However, it does seem that it might not be available to ship it all the way to here in the United States or anywhere else around the world.

That means, it’s only for folks out there in the India region and you would have to check with each third-party website for the shipping process.

Same with the money back guarantee policy, especially how it does not mention anything for the recommended usage, or as I may say, how long do we have to use it to achieve that amount of “inches” in height?

Read on!

Overview StructureGroayu-Growth-Tonic-by-Vegayu-Ayurvedic-and-100-Vegetarian-200-ml-Liquid-height-growth-enhancement-liquid-ingredients-ways-to-become-taller


  • Claims 3-6″ Inches in Height
  • Mentions Natural Growth
  • Promotes that It’s Safe for All
  • For Everyone to Use It
  • Shares All Natural Herbs
  • Company’s Name was Found
  • It’s a Liquid Formula – Effective
  • Ayurvedic & 100% Vegetarian


  1. One of the retailers states that they “also test these tonics on various parameters“, but only each ingredient and not the full formulation’s complex.
  2. Failed to have an official website to make it seem more “professional” in our eyes.
  3. No before and after pictures for the results and to back up the claims of “inches”.
  4. Does not mention how it works, how long to use it, and other information about the product’s label.
  5. No doctor endorsement for recommendation and approval. Nothing for evidence was found.
  6. Unable to find any reviews or a customer user to share their personal use with the formula.
  7. No Dollar symbol was found and therefore, might only be available in the India area.
  8. Several retailers don’t have it currently in-stock. Did they take it out from the market?
  9. Too many questions that need to be answered before processing an order.


All retail websites that promote this Groayu Growth Tonic failed lack of information about the product’s label.

We actually found only one e-commerce webpage to share the ingredients and the others hide it behind the computer screen.

Yet, none of them offered to show any evidence for proof to back up the formula, such as medical endorsement,  any of the “test” that they claim from the ingredients or any clinical and scientific studies.

Found nobody to mention anything. Not even a testimonial or a review! No before and after results of nothing!

I actually don’t know how it works? Are the compounds suppose to target the Human Growth Hormone production or the bones? We don’t know !

In my personal opinion, I can’t trust a product like this with hyped claims of 3-6″ full inches from just taking the liquid formula. Yet, most retailers don’t have it currently in-stock. which that is never a good sign from my experience.Super-Growth-Results-Honest-Review-Before-and-After-Photo-Customer-Reviews-How-To-Use-It-Ingredients-Formula-Height-Grow-Tall-Ways-To-Become-Taller

Now, if you’re here in the United States or at any other country, I’ll provide you with a better path to increase your height by taking the same professional quality formula that I personally took, called Super-Growth liquid spray formula.

Yes, it’s completely natural, safe and very effective, where I only used it for less than 3 months and believe it or not, I was able to gain a full inch!

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re growth plates is completely fused as well, because I’m around my mid-20’s and actually gained more height.

Still don’t believe me, than stop by my review on Super-Growth, could be something that might really work for you as well!

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