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Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer – Does It Really Increase Height? See Results HERE!

Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer – Does It Really Increase Height? See Results HERE!

I personally have never seen this type of products called Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer before, which in fact they are from Malaysia country promoting to make us grow taller.

And the reason I found this height increasing formula, someone actually emailed me and asked me to do a complete review on all about it.

So here it is!

Let’s get to know if the products can really make us increase our height growth, or is it just another product out there with full of claims, promises, and misleading information?

We don’t know yet… But you’re on your way to find out everything right here below!


Name of Product: Tiens Tianshi Height GainerTiens-Tianshi-Height-Gainer-Does-It-Really-Increase-Height-See-Results-HERE-Results-Review-Before-And-After-Comments-Reviews-Does-it-Work-How-It-Works-Ways-To-Become-Taller

WebsiteFound in a Few Retail Websites

Minimum Price: Price Does Vary

Overall Rank (out of 100): 81 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Check With the Retail

What Is Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer?

These products called Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer seems to be a 2-in-1 combination that comes with two supplements such as the Calcium one called Hi-Cal and the Zinc formula called XincPlas.

According to where the products were found in Malaysian websites, by combining both products together will cause users to grow taller in height growth plus a few other health benefits as well.

The product’s brand TIENS states that they are approved FDA formulas with only natural compounds and ingredients that should cause no negative side effects since it has been tested by professional scientists and experts.

For a fact, one of the web pages does claim that it’s actually the #1 best height gainer supplement in Malaysia country!

Is this really true? You should read on and you’re going to find out!

How Does Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer Works? – USAGE

Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer formulas state to work very effectively to make user’s stature taller than ever.

The Hi-Cal box contains 10 sachets of Calcium, you would drink 1 once a day which it recommends just an hour before going to bed to get your good night sleep.

Now the XincPlas zinc supplement of 1 box comes with 20 sachets, you would take 1 twice a day in the morning to increase the absorption of zinc and calcium, which calcium is essential to make us grow taller.

And it claims that by taking both a combination of the XincPlas and Hi-Cal formulas, it will improve the metabolic rate and make the body produce the necessary hormones that will cause growth development in users.

Hi-Cal contains a “unique source of highly bio-available Calcium“, which is necessary for all children, adults (men and women) to help us grow taller.

XincPlas capsules are full of Zinc where it is a highly known micro-nutrient that the human body needs for the production of the hormones like testosterone, human growth hormone, IGF-1, etc.

However, I also noticed that these pills not only carries Zinc Lactate but contains other compounds such as Egg Protein Powder and Glucose for helping stimulate the absorption of Zinc.

What Are the Results?

From the sources and findings I have found, it promotes that this “#1 best height gainer” supplements called Tiens Tianshi will actually make users achieve a growth of 1-5 cm in just 10 little days.

Like really? Is this really the miracle formulas that nobody have been talking about?

Well, they do mention that it is proven to be very effective and also safe for all users to take it on the daily basis and achieve the height growth you want.

But that’s not all!

You can expect healthier skin, vision and body development such as help with muscle contraction and bone growth.

It states to improve brain health as well, strengthen bones and teeth, also blood circulation to maintain a healthy heartbeat and increases sexual vitality. 

How to Use Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer?

I noticed that Tiens Tianshi company have different “sets”, which basically are different amounts of ingredients such as calcium, zinc, so and so to achieve the results of growth.

These sets are for everyone of all ages which are;

  • SET A may grow taller by 2-5cm in just 10 days
  • SET B claims to increase 2-8cm in just 20 days
  • SET C promotes to increase 2-10cm in 20 days
  • SET D may increase 4-12cm in 30 days.
  • SET E claims to increase 4-15cm in 30 days  

They most likely recommend the last two sets, such as SET D and E for 30 days to experience the growth you want there, but according to them, it all depends on the body’s metabolism and the age ranges.

So who can take these unisex Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer supplements?

It says that ages 13-20 years old will work for every set there, but adult ages from 21-45 years old should go with Sets C, D or even E.


The Benefits:

  • Claims to Increase HeightTiens-Tianshi-Height-Gainer-Does-It-Really-Increase-Height-See-Results-HERE-Results-Review-Ingredients-Before-And-After-Comments-Reviews-Does-it-Work-How-It-Works-Ways-To-Become-Taller
  • Promotes Fast Results
  • Improves Bone Health
  • FDA Certified Products
  • Helps with Blood Circulation
  • Strengthen Bones + Teeth
  • Improves Eye Vision
  • Achieve Healthier Skin
  • Brain Health Improvements
  • Increases Sexual Vitality
  • For Children of 12 Years Old
  • For Adults Too to Help Grow Taller
  • Only need to Use it for Less than 30 Days
  • The Product’s Company was Found

The Drawbacks:

  1. Even though they mention certified by the FDA, some other Malaysian certificates, and tested statements, they failed to show us this proof that it really is effective.
  2. No before and after photos or videos were found from previous users. Only a negative review in one of the websites where it is sold like this one;


Customer Support/Guarantee

I have actually found the primary company of Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer behind the products, as I’m looking at their official website, they seem to no longer have these height gainer formulas available.

Yes, they have a number of other health products, but I am not able to find these specific height growth ones but only in retail websites.

And in regards to the shipping and refund for a money back guarantee, you will have to check with the place you purchase the product.

I do know that eBay retail website does ship pretty fast worldwide, but the Malaysian retail websites, you must find out first before thinking about ordering the Tiens Tianshi Height Gainer products.


Ok, so we now have all the information put together after a few hours of having everything in one review, it’s time to come up with a conclusion of what I personally have to say about such products.

First, let me get this straight out the fact that I noticed that there are a couple websites promoting and talking about these Tiens Tianshi Height gainer supplements to grow taller, but I don’t see any proven results.

There is no before and after images showing us that by taking these products, we will grow taller as fast as they claim.

In my personal opinion, the claims may be too hyped up because I don’t believe in such miracle pills that will make us grow taller in just a very few days such as 10 days for a full inch?

I don’t know about that, but I could be wrong! Which I would need to see proof of that as well.

My second opinion, the products seems to only be calcium and zinc absorption. Sure, (Hi-Cal) calcium is essential and necessary to help us grow taller but it is not everything we need.

Unless you are having deficient calcium absorption in your body, you may see results and so. Now (XincPlas) for zinc, it does interfere to boost hormones such as testosterone, IGF-1, and HGH, which that is also essential to help us increase height.

And the fact that the formula’s brand does not have these formulas in their official primary website/store, it makes me question why would they take it off and not sell it there anymore.


I mean, this could be a sign that it may not be as effective to work as it claims, or have something wrong for the safety of users from my experience with products in the industry. Plus as you do see above, I showed you the comment review from a previous user that it did not work.

Therefore, my conclusion is that I would go with something proven to work by not evidence, but from previous users to share their results as well like the Growth Factor Plus pills.Growth-Factor-Plus-Height-Growth-Factor-Review -Hgh-Growth-Factor-Plus-Reviews-before-and-after-results-height-enhancement-ways-to-become-taller

With these, yes the company does ship the Growth Factor Plus formula all the way to Malaysia or any other country you may be at!

Of course, you can read several comments here on my review from previous users experience to see their own results how much they have grown taller!


I hope this review has cleared up everything and guided you to the best solution for you to grow taller too! Just don’t forget to leave me a comment below! I would to hear from you.

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