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Rite Hite Tablet – SBL Homeopathy Tablets Homoeopathic Medicine – Review

Rite Hite Tablet – SBL Homeopathy Tablets Homoeopathic Medicine – Review

In a quest for some height gain formulations on several directories on the internet, I came across the Rite Hite Tablet which, according to the manufacturer, is a homoeopathic medicinal approach for short-statured children and gain other benefits.

Getting into details to know more about this height gain tablet would be necessary as this will give we customers hints as to make our choices for such formulation or similar products.

However, the product promotes as a combination of well-proven drugs of homeopathy manufactured from SBL’s Research and Development.

According to the manufacturer, the Rite Hite Tablet is formulated particularly for the growth of children and younger folks with short stature caused by many factors and also for other benefits.

Seems like it’s claiming to work, to some extent, in a similar fashion as the natural Human Growth Hormone as it claims to achieve the optimal balance of growth determining factors.  According to them, it helps in promoting optimal growth.

From my research on several internet directories and investigation of the Rite Hite Tablet, I had to put up an honest review as regards to this product. Read further to get details!


Name of Product: Rite Hite TabletsRite-Hite-Tablet-SBL-Homeopathy-Tablets-Homoeopathic-Medicine-Review-results-reviews-side-effects-pills-hgh-sbl-research-and-development-ways-to-become-taller

Websites: Available in Several Retail Websites


Minimum Price: Prices Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 53 Points

Usage1-2 Tablets Once Weekly Depending on Age.

Money Back Guarantee: Not specified

What Is Rite Hite Tablet?

As stated with reference to the SBL’s Research and Development, Rite Hite Tablet promotes to be a height promoter for children and younger folks who desire to achieve optimal growth.

According to our source, the Rite Hite Tablet is presented as a bottle containing 100 tablets of 250mg each with a net weight of 25g.

There is also a pack of 250 tablets of 100mg each. As captioned on the company’s label, it promotes to be a product of homoeopathic medicine from (SBL’s Research and Development); referred to as world-class homoeopathy.

The SBL Company is an Indian based company. As stated in their profile, it is known to be the leading homoeopathic medicines manufacturing company in India offering a wide range of world-class homeopathic remedies including generics, single remedies, bio-chemic /combinations, as well as specialties. Back to Rite Hite Tablets!

According to its manufacturer, the Rite Hite Tablet achieves the optimal balance of the key growth factors (genetic, hormonal balance, nutritional status, general health) and so helps to promote height and growth to their full potential.

According to them, it is indicated in children whose growth has been compromised because of imperfect assimilation, anemia, and feeble digestion.

Yes, the Rite Hite Tablet promotes to be a proven homeopathic height promoter for children and younger people.

From reviews seen so far from customer users, though not explicit, benefits have been derived from using this formula for the above-named purposes. Continue reading to find out!Rite-Hite-Tablet-SBL-Homeopathy-Tablets-Homoeopathic-Medicine-Review-results-reviews-side-effects-pills-hgh-sbl-research-and-development-pill-ways-to-become-taller

The Benefits of Using Rite Hite Tablets!

According to the manufactures and several other retail websites, the Rite Hite Tablet is specifically for children and younger people who suffer from severe malnutrition of the body’s essential minerals.

The Rite Hite tablet also promotes to make kids have stronger bones and has been used for South Asian kids who suffer from malnutrition.

This growth formula would be good for you, according to its manufacturer, if you are in this age group (young children).

To further buttress their claims, they stated that this homoeopathic formula maximizes the height potential of the age group in question, revitalize the memory of children who are mentally and physically backward, facilitate their growth and development, optimize assimilation and consequent defective nutrition and others.

Amongst its stated drug combination is Thuja Occidentalis which, according to the manufacturer, claims to act on the skin, blood, gastrointestinal tract and the brain as well as in a case of exhaustion and emaciation.

There are no side effects, according to them. Read on!


Though the mechanism of action of this formula was not described, its constituents were outlined.

These ingredients would include Baryta Carbonica(3x), Silicea(6x), Calcarea Phosphorica(3x), Natrum muriaticum(3x) and excipients added in sufficient quantity to make up the required weight.

This growth formula was stated to contain Thuja occidentalis in another third-party website in place of Natrum muriaticum. This is really contradictory.Rite-Hite-Tablet-SBL-Homeopathy-Tablets-Homoeopathic-Medicine-Review-results-reviews-side-effects-pills-hgh-sbl-research-and-development-pill-remedy-ways-to-become-taller


From many sources seen before putting up this responsible review, no proof of claims was shown in details; clinically or scientifically.

Also, the recommended dosage regimen does not show any authenticity following my research and findings.

While trying to get more details about this formula, I discovered that there are several online retailers where we can buy the product from; even without a physician’s or doctor’s prescription. There is no refund policy.

There is an official website for this growth enhancement formula and they are also available at third-party retail websites



  • Claims to achieve optimal balance of growth factors in children and younger people
  • Shares to contain well proven drugs of homoeopathy for growth of children
  • Product is available in 250mg, or 100mg tablets
  • Claims that Silicea amongst Rite Hite Tablet constituents handles hair growth disturbances, bone diseases, imperfect assimilation, defective nutrition and delayed walking in children
  • Promotes Natrum muriaticum handles intermittent fever, toothache, stomachache and others
  • Also claims Calcarea phosphorica is a growth supplement for anaemic children who have feeble digestion especially those at puberty
  • It is a fair price product available without a prescription
  • Mentions that Baryta carbonica contained is for children who are mentally and physically backward, who don’t grow or who develop swollen abdomen or have loss memory;
  • There is also claim that Thuja Occidentalis acts on the skin, blood, GIT and the brain.
  • Claims that the product has no known side effects.


  1. The SBL’s company specifically mentioned clinical trial as to proof of the product, but no evidence or details were provided. I would consider the claims and/or the information as misleading.
  2. Unable to find any primary official website for the product.
  3. Customers users testimonials are not concurrent; some are indirectly against the Rite Hite Tablets formula use/
  4. Stating facts about a doctor’s research and findings as seen on their primary website does not confer originality and/or efficacy to the product.
  5. Product approval agencies were not outlined, so how do we know it’s really safe?

Bottom Line Facts

If the SBL Homeopathy Rite Hite Tablets is really safe for children and younger folks like us, I think there should be proofs of approval and/or endorsement to show for that; instead there were just statements which claim such.

Conversely, such a product shouldn’t be restricted to particular age groups as claimed; yet with contradictory facts.

For a fact, I would first consult a professional medical doctor before giving this Rite Hite Tablets to a child for the safety of each user, since there is truly evidence to back up the formula.Growth-Factor-Plus-Height-Growth-Factor-Review -Hgh-Growth-Factor-Plus-Reviews-before-and-after-results-height-enhancement-new-improved-formula-hgh-com-benefits-ways-to-become-taller

At this juncture, you will glad to know about the Growth Factor Plus formula; an effective formula with several proofs of benefits.

But, this formula of pills are for only adults over the age of 18 years old and if you’re like me, with the growth plates fused, you can expect inches in height.

The Growth Factor Plus, we found many reviews from real users out there to share their personal usage and experience with the product, where they actually gained inches in height.

Take your time to stop by at the review to find on all about this effective and safe formula, if you’re over 18 years of age.


So do you have any questions or concerns? It’s my pleasure to share with you any helpful information you might need. Remember, all you have to do is comment me below at the box section underneath.


  1. aaliya

    Sir is dere any problem in periods while taking medicine ….I m 21 yes old girl taking this medicine for height increment ..but this month I m suffering from above mentioned problem ..plz help me put

    • Hey Aaliya,

      Well, Rite Hite is a “homoeopathic medicine” and not just a regular supplement of pills like the effective and safe Growth Factor Plus pills. This “rite hite”, I did find resources that it effects the hormonal balance, nutritional status, etc which I can’t tell you exactly if its safe for you or not, but if you find something wrong when taking it or anything, I would personally stop and ask where you got it about the problems you may be facing and send it back for a refund.

      Yet, have you got a chance to take a look at the Growth Factor Plus pills? From my research, I haven’t heard of anyone with negative effects from using this effective formula. Visit my review here to find out more.

      For Your Safety,
      Julio Deus

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