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Purely Genuine Growth Balls – Will this Achieve The Height We Want? Find Out Here!

Purely Genuine Growth Balls – Will this Achieve The Height We Want? Find Out Here!

The Purely Genuine Growth Balls claim they are effective height enhancers, which promises to solve the problem of short stature and others.

As stated in the third party websites where it was found, the Purely Genuine Growth Balls were described to contain the finest natural ingredients that have several health benefits.

Which, the promoters state that we would achieve fast results as regards growth when we take them.

The product does not have an official website and it seems many things were not stated about this item.

This review will highlight and enlighten us to know more details about the Purely Genuine Growth Balls.Purely-Genuine-Growth-Balls-Will-this-Achieve-The-Height-We-Want-review-results-height-enhancer-growth-reviews-ways-to-become-taller

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Name of Product: Purely Genuine Growth Balls

Website: Found It in Third-Party Sites

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Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 1-3 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Are The Purely Genuine Growth Balls?

The Purely Genuine Growth Balls are blends of essential natural ingredients, which claims to enhance growth in ladies and according to the source; confer several other health benefits.

It is a dark brown to the black water-honeyed pill which tastes sweet and slightly bitter.

The product claims to optimize our vital energy, enhance the production of body fluids, improve our health and significantly enhance our intelligence with results seen in 1 to 3 months.

The comment about the product doesn’t look like it is that effective and no testimonial was seen from customers who have used it before.

On the other hand, the Purely Genuine Growth Balls are not approved by regulatory bodies as the promoters mentioned that they are imported.

No proofs were provided to back up all these claims and promises by the Purely Genuine Growth Balls. Also, the company’s profile was not found.

Are we really convinced by these statements as regards the effectiveness and the safety of this product?

Maybe we should get into more facts about it to find out what it is up to.

Keep reading!

How Does It Work? – Dosing

From the source where I got the details about this product, no specific mechanism of action was explained, probably because it states to constitute a blend of natural ingredients.

They state that the Purely Genuine Growth Ball should be taken two times a day for a fast result.

In a third party website, the product maker or distributor promised to give the tips on how to use these Purely Genuine Growth Balls effectively to the buyers.

Could this be one of those fake products, which claims several benefits and in the end will not live up to its claims?

Firstly, the claims look non-professional and there are no clinical and/or scientific proofs to back them up.

Who Is The Purely Genuine Growth Ball For?Purely-Genuine-Growth-Balls-Will-this-Achieve-The-Height-We-Want-review-results-height-enhancer-growth-reviews-scam-ways-to-become-taller

According to the maker’s and/or the distributor’s description in the retail web page where it was found, this particular type of Purely Genuine Growth Ball is specifically for girls/ladies who are up to 23 years of age.

According to them, the result achieved may vary depending on the users’ age, body hormones, and several other factors.

They mention that people with very sensitive skin should not use the product.

Now the reason for this was not explained.

So these are the benefits to expect, it promotes to treat menoxia, handles the cold pain of the lower abdomen, should stop dysmenorrheal, and treats debility.

Also mentions to stop weakness, handles lassitude of loins and legs, handles debility after childbirth, plus stop night sweat due to lack of refined materials in the viscera.


Purely Genuine Growth Ball promotes to contain effective blends of natural ingredients, though there were no proofs to show whether these “ingredients” have been tested together with the product.

The Purely Genuine Growth Ball contains the following ingredients;

Ginseng, Root of Milk Vetch, Rhizome of Nut Grass Galingale, Rhizome of Szechwan Lovage, Chinese Angelica, White Peony Root, Raw and Prepared Rhizome of Rehmania.

Yes, that’s basically all of the ingredients!


The Pros:Purely-Genuine-Growth-Balls-Will-this-Achieve-The-Height-We-Want-review-results-height-enhancer-growth-reviews-scam-fraud-ways-to-become-taller

  • Promotes to Enhance Height
  • It’s Completely Natural
  • Claims Fast Results
  • Shares Its an effective Formula
  • Constitute a Number of Ingredients
  • Increases Self Confidence
  • Claims Several Other Health Benefits

The Cons:

  1.  The company’s profile was not found.
  2. No scientific and/or clinical evidence to back up the several claims and promises.
  3. No official website found for the Purely Genuine Growth Balls.
  4. The amount of each ingredient contained was not stated, hence, makes it look non-professional.
  5. Nothing from medical or doctor endorsement.
  6. From China country and not made in the United States.
  7. Unable to find any real customer users to mention their results from using this product.
  8. Seems to me that it might be a scam?

Customer Support/Guarantee

From the source where the details about this “height enhancement” product were found, the manufacturers and/or the distributors do not offer much customer support.

The users cannot tell if they can be refunded if the product did not live up to its several claims and promises.

Plus the money back guarantee was not seen.

Aside from these, the manufacturers and/or distributors mentioned offering free shipping for any buyer of the Purely Genuine Growth Balls worldwide.

Closing Thoughts/ My Personal Opinion

So far, we have seen the details about the Purely Genuine Growth Balls. So does this height enhancement product worth checking out?

Perhaps, Purely Genuine Growth Ball does have a number of natural ingredients, but nothing was stated as to the mechanism of action, whether it works by stimulating more HGH from the pituitary gland or by any other way.

Such product will either talk about the HGH or the long bones and cartilages, but nothing was mentioned as regards these.

Obviously, there were no clinical studies to back up the claims and also nothing from regulatory bodies, medical doctors or other healthcare professionals.

Additionally, claiming many other health benefits seems elusive even though there were claims as to containing some vital natural herbs.

The product manufacturers should describe explicitly with strong pieces of evidence of the merits and demerits of using their product instead of displaying them on Facebook and stating no one should call. That looks fraudulent and a scam to me!

For me, I will not buy such a product to avoid losing money for fake, so-called “growth balls”.Super-Growth-Results-Honest-Review-Before-and-After-Photo-Customer-Reviews-How-To-Use-It-Ingredients-Formula-Height-Grow-Tall-Ways-To-Become-Taller

There are other good and effective growth enhancement formulas out there to use, which are much more professional.

Aside from this, there is a proven and highly effective growth enhancement formula called (Super-Growth), where I am the proof of evidence as to its efficacy and other customer reports have shown that it works.

In my Super-Growth review, I will show you that I personally took pictures of me holding the bottles and proof that I was able to gain a full complete inch within a few months.

Now if you don’t know, the Super-Growth is a spray formula that you use to apply onto your body surfaces, and not take it orally.


Don’t forget to drop your concerns or you can beep us on the line below for further clarifications. I would help you by sharing helpful information that you may want!

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