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Miracle Growth Arginine – Is It Really a Scam? Maybe ! – Must See

Miracle Growth Arginine – Is It Really a Scam? Maybe ! – Must See

Miracle Growth Arginine is some type of height growth pills sold through the internet market.

As you can tell by the product’s name, L-Arginine is their main chief compound, who stimulates natural HGH production in a safe way.

Yes, Human Growth Hormone is one of the main processes to cause growth in height.

Therefore, Miracle Growth Arginine claims to achieve “full potential” in height by just swallowing the pills in a daily basis.

In fact, we did come across that this “miracle” supplement might just be a complete scam.

Sit back, relax and read on to find out!


Name of Product: Miracle Growth® ArginineMiracle-Growth-arginine-scam-get-taller-pills-review-before-and-after-results-reviews-customer-user-complaint-ways-to-become-taller

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Silver Package – $135.97

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Does Claim a Money Back Guarantee

What Is Miracle Growth® Arginine ?

This height growth supplement so-called “Miracle Growth Arginine“, does have an official website and they promote that it’s a “doctor-prescribed grow-taller-pills“.

The formula is advertised primarily as some pills to gain inches in height by the production of HGH.

Now, according to them, everybody can grow taller by using this enhancement formula, but they also mention that it depends on your age, health, and genetics.

Miracle Growth Arginine company who goes by the name of (Ortho-Advanced™ Laboratories), they highly claim that they are a “multibillion-dollar” company for the highest quality in all of their products.

They mention producing all formulas in a pharmaceutical grade facility by carrying thousands of products in today’s market.

The Miracle Growth Arginine website says that they’re based in the United States, and they introduced this height enhancement formula many years old.

Keep reading!

How Should Miracle Growth® Arginine Work?

First, let’s get to know more about HGH!

HGH refers to Human Growth Hormone and it’s the principal vital to overall growth in the human’s body produced by the pituitary gland.

When we were younger in our childhood and teenage years, we produced lots of HGH levels until puberty ended, which causes to grow every part of the body in all men and women.

So what the Miracle Growth Arginine company did, they designed this formula by containing pure L-Arginine, who is a mineral substitute/amino acid to stimulate the production of HGH in a natural and safe way.

However, I’m assuming it only contains L-Arginine compound because they completely failed to list the ingredient profile for we as customer users to see what they really included in the formula’s complex.

Yet, the company does mention that it’s completely safe to use and we as all consumers can achieve some growth gains.

Other than claiming that by releasing HGH alone will cause us to grow in height, they do not get into more details on such as the growth plates, disks, etc.


At the Miracle Growth Arginine primary website, they do show “testimonials” from consumers claiming to have gained inches in height, but no before-and-after results for proof of evidence.

Perhaps, they promote that it’s really a “doctor-prescribed” formula, but no doctor endorsement or an expert to actually recommend and approve the product.

Also, there is no scientific research behind the product or any form of clinical trials done on users to provide proof that these “Miracle Growth Arginine” really works as the claims.

Now for those of you who don’t know, L-Arginine increases blood circulation around the body and that way, it helps with muscle growth, treats erectile dysfunction in all men, and several other benefits.

So can these grow-taller-pills really increase height as they promise?

Well, you about find out!

Overview Structure

Lifestyle Benefits:Miracle-Growth-arginine-scam-get-taller-pills-review-before-and-after-results-reviews-customer-user-complaint-picture-ways-to-become-taller

  • Claims to Gain Inches In Height
  • Promotes its Doctor-Prescribed
  • L-Arginine is a Natural Compound
  • Should be Completely 100% Safe
  • Does Have an Official Website
  • Mentions Approved by the FDA
  • From a Well-Known Company
  • Shows the Company’s Background
  •  L-Arginine Have Several Benefits
  • Seems to Only take 1 Pill Per Day

The Drawbacks:

  1. The formula does seem to only have “pure L-Arginine” and no other compounds. – Failed to show the full ingredients.
  2. Product’s official website mentions a money back guarantee, but we found nothing where it talks about any refund or “money back guarantee”. – Very risky.
  3. Expensive price. – Silver Package for 1 Bottle, plus an additional bottle for free: $135.97. Now the recommendation Gold package is for $331.47
  4. Failed to provide any professional medical endorsement or recommendation for approval.
  5. Does not show any scientific evidence for proof to really back up the formula. – No clinical data, neither.
  6. There is not enough information available to show all visitors to see if it’s really the best choice.
  7. Now for the testimonials, they failed to show before-and-after results for us as customers to have more “faith” that it might work.
  8. We found resources at, which one user’s complaint states that it did not work at all and actually “ripped him off” for about $400 bucks.
  9. Is it really a scam? Maybe, but follow down!


This Miracle Growth Arginine does have a page section for the company’s background, but we looked everywhere for any money back guarantee and only found a statement that they mention at the front main webpage.

Usually, when a product’s company is really reliable behind the product, it would have a section where it talks about any refund or return.

Now they do mention that these “miracle” pills worked for people from the age of 14-40 years old.

And for the shipping process?

All orders will get shipped the same day as they explain, and for folks in the United States country, it should get delivered within 2-5 days.

International orders, they mention it could take up to 4-9 business days to receive your package.

Even though they promote that it’s the doctor-prescribed grow-taller pills”, there is no need to visit a doctor’s office and get prescribed to order the products. 

Anyone can take a risky chance and process an order online at their primary official website.

My Personal Opinion

Now you would like to know about what I have to say regards these “miracle” pills, am I right?

Well, first we found many red flags which are more negative sources than good. Yes, that’s not a good sign at all!

As I was reading through the FAQ section on its official website, I found a claim very “sketchy” that they made, saying that their “best client added 7″ 1/2 inches“.

Like really, how is that even possible from just the L-Arginine compound, who only converts to release HGH levels?

Yet, Human Growth Hormone is important for the growth aspect, but after we as an adult have the growth plates closed, I really can’t see how by just producing HGH levels will cause us to re-grow in height by inches, as they claim.

However, there is no proof of nothing found and we actually found a website with the same webpage designed, same exact information and the same complete website, but with a different domain name. (

Plus, it’s an expensive formula of pills who probably only have the L-Arginine ingredient, which in my opinion, it’s really a rip off because we can buy at any local vitamin store for very cheap and not hundreds of dollars.

In fact, to order the product supplies, they accept any type of payment, so I won’t hesitate to call this Miracle Growth Arginine a scam from my personal opinion.

And again, you can visit and check out what a consumer is saying about this particular scam item.


But for a fact, there is one type of pills in today’s market called (Growth Factor Plus) that several real customer users are sharing their experience to have gained inches in height!

Growth Factor Plus could be something that even though we as customer users have our growth plates fused, we can expect height growth of inches from the review done on the formula of pills.


Now if you feel like we have posted an erroneous review regards this Miracle Growth Arginine product, I encourage you to post me a comment below or contact me to discuss this matter. Are you one of the customer users? Please shoot me a line below to let me know your personal experience or opinions.


  1. sean

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that these pills failed on me. I’m going for that growth factor product, thanks

    • Hey Sean,

      Yes, you are mostly likely not the only one, as you do see the comments from other folks to mention it as well. Now regards the Growth Factor Plus pills, Yes you can expect to really increase your height within minimum 3-6 months. I actually have a review done (click here) and you can see how many real uses are commenting to share their reviews/results. Take a few seconds and head over to find out more.

      For Your Growth,
      Julio Deus

  2. Halls Morgan

    Hello Julio.

    I used these pills and saw very little results, what can you say about that?

    Halls Morgan

    • Hey Halls,

      To be honest, I can’t say much because I have not personally used this item, but I can express my opinion that from my experience with using “height-growth-pills”, I can’t see how it would work as advertised. But if you have not checked out the Growth Factor Plus, where many users are commenting regards using the product, it might be something you would suggest using it and gain your height you desired by inches. You can visit my review by clicking here !

      Julio Deus

  3. Kyle

    I used it bro ….. doesn’t work at all

    • Hey Kyle,

      I’m not surprised because we’ve reviewed it, and found it not so professional. Thanks for sharing your personal experience !

      Julio Deus

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