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JoyByNature Natural HeightPro – Should You Use This HighPro Powder? – Find Out Here

While searching for some height enhancement supplement, I stumbled upon Natural HeightPro by JoyByNature.

Looking through, it does seem like it’s mixed powder protein shake that does both, increase height and gain lean muscle.

However, I also do see reviews from previous consumers who have used the product itself.

But lets get into some deep analyze and get to know all about this HighPro formula from JoyByNature.

Read down!

Name of Product: JoyByNature Natural HeightPro

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Rs.650.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 83 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 3-4 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Company Does Have a Policy

What Is JoyByNature Natural HeightPro?

Natural HeightPro promotes itself as the Ayurvedic Body Supplement that “supports bone growth“.

Yes, it is 100% natural since its Ayush Certified and supposedly free from any negative side effects.

According to JoyByNature brand, they only provide natural and certified organic products to ensure purest quality to all customers.

Now looking over where this herbal product was found, I am only able to find the Chocolate flavor 400g.

Just keep reading!

JoyByNature Natural HeightPro Benefits

Since Natural HeightPro or HighPro is a bone growth supplement, it is said to “support growth hormones” that supposedly causes inches in customers who use this product.

They do mention to also help build a muscular body frame since it increases the metabolism rate and also promotes the growth of cell and tissue for a leaner, taller body.

And as I am looking over that reviews section on the JoyByNature website, believe it or not there are some past users who are saying that they have grown taller, like one mention to have grown up to 7″ full inches…WOW!

However, I don’t really find these reviews/comments 100% accurate because it could be fabricated from the company itself, yet I’m not 100% sure.

JoyByNature Natural HeightPro Dosage

According to JoyByNature, this height gain product called HeightPro is for everyone over the age of 12-25 years old.

Below this the minimum age should stay away. They also mention that it’s effective for adults with maximum age of 25 years old.

Now the recommendation is to use the powder supplement for at least 3-4 months to see height growth results.

Natural HeightPro‌’s consumers does not need to follow any strict diet, but only stretching exercises is required in order to see the benefits.

However, no description on how to take this powder supplement was found, which I’m assuming a scoop per day?

Follow down!

JoyByNature Natural HeightPro Ingredients

Since the company/brand only produces organic 100% natural products, they do mention that all of their supplements are tested for the presence of chemicals and harmful substances.


Natural HeigthPro contains ingredients such as:

  • Whey Protein
  • Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Millet Flour
  • Soya Beej
  • Shatavari
  •  Vidhari Kandi
  • Safed Moosali
  • Salam Mishri
  • Bala
  • Ateebala
  • Ashwagandha
  • Munnaka
  • Crushed Sugar


The Advantages:

  • Promotes to Increase Height by Inches
  • 100% Natural Herbal Supplement
  • It Is An Organic & Certified Product
  • Supports Metabolism Function
  • Helps Increase a Muscle Leaner Look
  • Positive Reviews/Comments Were Found
  • It Is From an Reliable Company/Brand
  • Company’s Background Was Found
  • Should be 100% Safe to Use – No Side Effects
  • Supports Bone Growth & Bone Health

The Disadvantages:

  1. Nothing found from before and after photos showing proof of new height growth.
  2. There is ONLY 1 flavor, which Chocolate is the only choice.
  3. Mixed reviews were found on the Amazon India market.

Customer Support/Guarantee

JoyByNature brand does not only have the Natural HeightPro powder supplement, but a variety of other health and beauty products as well.

I was able to find their company’s background, address and contact information.

Perhaps, Natural HeightPro formula is not only available in its company’s official website, but also in the Amazon and India Mart as well.

While checking JoyByNature webpage, they do have a refund policy for customer’s satisfaction.

And for the shipping procedure, depending on where you’re at, you will have to check with them if they do ship the product to you.

Final Facts

This Ayurvedic body supplement called Natural Height Pro or HighPro does have very interesting reviews on their company’s page, which are most positive results.

However, if you check the product on the Amazon India market, there are mixed reviews there, where the formula is now “current unavailable”.

There are reviews claiming to have increase “3-4 full inches in just 2 months”…..YES, that is too much hype.

I personally don’t believe in such claims because from the past 10 years in the height growth industry, I don’t think there is ever a product that causes this massive growth in a very short amount of time like such product.

Not to mention, on Amazon the negative reviews states “bad product, fake, etc”.

Now I am not saying that it completely doesn’t work to increase our height but I could see it helping with muscle tone look and help with stronger bones and so.

Hey, try it out yourself and make sure to come back to me let know your results. I would love to hear them!

By the way, if you want something that actually shows proven before and after images of new height growth, you can surely checkout the Growth Boom Pro products.


Yet, it is slightly expensive, but very effective and safe. Unless you want to use the Super-Growth height enhancer, I have personal experience to see 1″ full inch in less than 3 months, which yes it is realistic results.

See my Super-Growth review here!

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