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Height Up Supplement Review – Ayurveda Herbal Capsules to Increase Height

Height Up Supplement Review – Ayurveda Herbal Capsules to Increase Height

First of all, why when I search up for the Height Up capsules, it pops up in many different bottles for this “Height Up” label !?

I’m pretty sure, it’s not from the same company/manufacturer. But there are several of them around the online network and that’s for sure.

I literally came across about 6 of them in just one single research!

Some of the bottles does have a brief detail information about the particular item and others don’t. That way, I will put everything together from the information we found in one single review.

So what are the Height Up capsules? Right here in this review!Height-Up-Supplement-Review-Ayurveda-Herbal-Capsules-Increase-Height-pills-before-and-after-results-scam-scams-fake-false-capsule-ways-to-become-taller


Name of Product: Height Up

Websites: Found Many of Them

Minimum Price: All Different Prices

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Usage: Depends on Each One

Money Back Guarantee: Check With Them

What Is Height Up?

The Height Up supplements promote as an herbal Ayurveda who claims to increase height by several inches.

One of them that we have stumbled upon, the retailer third-party website mentions to boost up the growth in height by 4-6″ inches, all in a natural way.

They all claim that it’s an effective and safe formula to cause no harmful side effects whatsoever.

Height Up Capsules shares that it’s the best solution, where no other height enhancer out there can compete with them for the effectiveness, as they promote.

Now, all of the products do presents several other benefits as well, and not just “inches” in our statue !

For Who They Claim It’s For?

According to our sources, it’s for both male or female and it doesn’t matter if you’re an adult like myself or an adolescent teenager.

All of the Height Up supplements that we have come across, which are many of them, they promote to gain extra inches by somewhat near 2-6″ full inches by only taking the capsules daily.

They all share to rebuild and boost up the confidence levels since we should be growing taller by inches in height.

Claims to improve strength and power, since the bone density increases. As they explain, it improves overall personality to feel more attractive to others around and self-esteem.

Plus, improvements in general health to prevent a variety of diseases and of course, improve the incomplete growth of the body.Height-Up-Supplement-Review-Ayurveda-Herbal-Capsules-Increase-Height-pills-before-and-after-results-scam-scams-fake-false-fraud-capsule-ways-to-become-taller

That’s basically all of the benefits when using the Height Up pills!


Since most of them failed to share the ingredient’s profile, we are able to find a full list of one formula’s combination, where it promotes to carry “5 unique rare” compounds.

With all of them carrying 60 capsules in each Height Up bottle, I’m assuming they want all of us as customer users to take 2 pills per day on a daily basis.

Therefore, the substances would be Chandrashura Beej 300 mg, Parwal Pishthi 75 mg, Ashwagandha 50 mg, Shankh Bhasam 50 mg, and Chitrak Mool 25 mg.

Now that’s from the bottle called Vedic Amrit Height Up capsules. Yes, all of them promotes as an Ayurvedic medicine.

So how do they claim to work?

One website that I found, the editor states to stimulate “the endocrine glands and increases the production of growth hormone“, which should lead to gain height.

They mention to help increase the blood circulation in the body and that way, it could help cure the “liver dysfunction“, as they explain.

Plus, it states to boost up the metabolism rate and increase the appetite to feel stronger and energized throughout the day.

Other than that, none of them shares any information about the bone structure or to lengthen the spine when using the Height Up pills.


As you do know, there are many of these “Height-Up capsules” all over the height enhancement market, and I noticed that most of them are out of the USA/Canada region.

Some were from the India country and the famous green and black bottles are from Pakistan.

For proof of evidence? You will be very disappointed to find out that they are only trying to sell each product to us, with not enough information about each particular formula’s label.

Now it doesn’t seem like it might even be available to ship it to all the way here in the United States, but only in their area.Height-Up-Supplement-Review-Ayurveda-Herbal-Capsules-Increase-Height-pills-before-and-after-results-scam-scams-fake-false-fraud-capsules-ways-to-become-taller

Yes, no prescription would be necessary to purchase any of the Height Up supplements on the online shop.

My Opinion and Advice

In my personal opinion, all these manufacturers/companies are just trying to get rid of the product to the “desperate” people out there and increase their bank account.

I don’t know if it’s really from me dealing with so many fake and false scam items out there, but there is no way I would ever purchase something without knowing what the formula contains from the ingredient’s list.

I most defiantly want to know what I’ll be putting in my body. Now, with nothing to prove that any of them is really effective and safe, I can’t give the product a shot at all.

Before we as customer users make an informed decision, we need to investigate everything from clinical evidence, scientific studies, and reviews from real customer users.

Yet, we found nobody out there whatsoever to share any information from their personal use from taking any of the Height Up capsules out there.

You should know that there are many and I really mean, many “height increasing” items from pills, books, programs. you name it, claiming to have the potential to add more inches in our stature.Growth-Factor-Plus-Height-Growth-Factor-Review -Hgh-Growth-Factor-Plus-Reviews-before-and-after-results-height-enhancement-new-improved-formula-hgh-com-benefits-ways-to-become-taller

Most of them from my personal experience, they are a scam, just trying to take your money and hide.


That is why I would like to throw you a hand by showing you the path towards height increasing from taking pills. The Growth Factor Plus has got the most points from reviewing many of the get-taller-pills because they have evidence that it’s effective and it really works.

Growth Factor Plus is actually from a high-reputation manufacturer/company called (Purity Select) and they have over a decade in the industry providing quality to all products of theirs. Therefore, real users are claiming to have gained inches by taking their height growth pills.

Stop by at my review, if you really want to find out at all about it on how it works, the evidence and see the results from consumer’s reviews!


  1. Nisha Bartwal

    does this really work? or its just one fake??

    • Hey Nisha,

      Well, to me and my conclusion research, I believe it’s fake. Why are so many “height up” different formulas with the same exact name? Just think about it.

      Julio Deus

  2. jagmeet

    Hello the growth factor plus product is buy and I use the product after 6month I measure height and my before height is 6’4″ now current my height is 6’8″ tall I’m 4 inch grow after use the product

    • Hey Jagmeet,

      Really? That’s fantastic, wow that’s some incredible results you have got there. Yes, I truly believe you because Growth Factor Plus does work, as according to the other users who have shared their experience as well. Did you take any before and after pictures? If you did, please share with me so I can put it up on the Growth Factor Plus review for extra proof of evidence.

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  3. Niraj lama

    I am interested in this product so sir plz can u tell me the price. And how and where to buy the product?

    • Hey Niraj,

      Well, I personally don’t know which product you’re talking about, since the “height up” have several products under the same name, or maybe you’re talking about the effective and safe supplement (Growth Factor Plus) pills. You can click here and visit my review to find out everything you need to know. Or I’ll throw you Growth Factor Plus official website and you can see the price, and the only way to purchase it, is directly from its website by clicking the following link below at ;

      Julio Deus

  4. Hello sir please one answer (Height Up Herbal Ayurveda India product ) is grow height or not please give me answer

    • Hey Jagmeet,

      Well, there is too much products with the same name. I don’t think this is even real, so I personally would not go with this product at all. Check out the Growth Factor Plus to grow in height.

      Julio Deus

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