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Adding Height Program – Does Adding Height Program Work?

Adding Height Program – Does Adding Height Program Work?

The first thing that pops on the top-middle section of the website, shows a warning message to avoid any “height increasing” products..

Then as I scroll down, I see a doctor image, who apparently, seems to be a medical endorsement of the product/program.

By the way, it actually doesn’t seem that it’s some type of product or methods, but a height gain service/program as I’m looking at the primary website, which it states that it’s copyrighted in 2008.

Now the claims are to “grow up to 4 inches taller in just 6 weeks“! Yet, how many websites am I going to come across with the same exact promises, and with nothing to provide that it can really happen.

I could be wrong, but it might be one of those scams online out there. So, don’t go away just yet! Take a quick second and find out before doing anything or going forward.Adding-Height-Program-Does-Adding-Height-Program-Work-addingheight-scam-before-and-after-results-reviews-ways-to-become-taller


Name of Service: Adding Height

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Join the Membership – $49.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is

This membership program/services states that if we as customer users are not happy with our current height then it’s for all of us to gain inches in stature.

The website talks about why taller people are more attractive, successful and other options/opportunities than less-than-average folks out there.

I am currently an average dude, but gaining more inches in height is exactly what I want!

According to them, lately, in the recent years, researchers and scientists have discovered that it’s possible to grow taller after the growth plates fused, regardless of our age or sex.

Meaning, folks of any age, such as myself as an adult man, women or children can benefit to gain permanent results in height, as they say.

This height enhancement program/service claims to show all members only real, proven methods to add a couple of inches in a natural and safe way.

As I’m reading the webpage, they mention again about how “increasing height products” does not work, because they are only fooling us to take our money and run away.

How do we know that this program/services are not a scam as well? Later on, they share to only provide “scientific and medically proven” information and facts.

The Features Are?

As they explain, this AddingHeight membership service will tell us facts based on what country has the most taller people, learn how to naturally boost the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

They say to teach us how to grow taller by up to 4″ full inches within 6 weeks in quick, easy and simple ways, by their secrets from step-by-step instructions.

Learn how to do proper exercises, since they included over 30+ exercises routines to do, which they should be simple and effective.

According to them, they will show us how to improve posture, stop the causes of stunting the growth of all member and a few other features.

Basically, they promote that this program/services are all we need to grow a couple of inches since their “success rate is 96% (based on customer refunds)“.

So, you’re probably thinking as well, what makes this program any different from others out there?

They explain that this AddingHeight membership will help us “easily correct” the degree of ligament and tendon compression for a better body posture. That’s basically all it says!



The AddingHeight official website claims to back up the whole program/service with a “full 60-day money back guarantee”.

They guarantee that we as customer users will gain inches in height, or simply contact them for the complete refund back within 2 months.

All I would have to do is a pay a one-time fee of $49.99 for the complete access to the membership program, and they should not charge monthly fees or auto-billing process.

Promotes that thousands of people all around the world are using their program/services. Yet, we only see standard and simple statements of “success stories” on their webpage.

There is nothing for proof of evidence, such as before-and-after images, or any scientific/clinical data to back it up.

AddingHeight program does claim that it’s “100% risk-free”, and they actually come up with the same target phrase saying “there’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain” on every page, to go straight and purchase it.

Now the company/organization behind the service/program would be the (Austin Research Institute), and according to our sources, they sell several other types of products, from male enhancements, HGH supplements, testosterone boosters, etc.

They offer to show a phone number and an email address to contact them about any inquiries or concerns, which they mention a 24/7 online customer support.

The primary website states that it’s copyrighted since 2008.



  • Claims 4″ Inches in Just 6 Weeks
  • Helps Correct The Body Posture
  • Promotes “Scientifically & Clinically” Facts
  • Gain More Knowledge On Several Aspect
  • Claims to Achieve Permanent, Real Growth
  • Does Show a Medical Doctor Image on the Side
  • Improves Confidence Levels + Self-Esteem
  • Been on the Industry for About 6 Years
  • They Accept Several Payment Methods
  • Customer Support for 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week
  • 2 Month Money Back Guarantee – Risk-Free


  1. They mention that “thousands of members” are satisfied, but we found nobody on the internet to mention anything.
  2. In the FAQ section, they claim that folks have achieved “noticeable results in less than one week“.. – Unreal and impossible. It’s not a magic/miracle program!
  3. Even though they show a picture of a doctor, there is no background from this “doctor”.
  4. The “success stories” are all statements and no before-and-after picture proof.
  5. Nothing for trials performed or scientific evidence to back up the program/service.
  6. Failed lack of information on how it really works. It seems to me that it’s all about the exercises, and facts.
  7. The webpage only has hyped follow-up phrases to go straight and make a purchase.
  8. Since it’s copyrighted in 2008, they need to really update and improve the full website. I could just imagine the inside membership access.
  9. Found a website reviewer to mention that it’s a “total scam”.

My Personal Opinions

We have come to a point that this AddingHeight program/service carries low-quality content from their primary “old-skool” website.

They made completely misleading and false claims, such as to see “noticeable results in less than one week“. There is nothing, meaning no pills, cream, gadget, portion, programs, books, – you name it, in today’s market/industry that can cause this miracle bullsh*t of “noticeable results” within the first week.

A website reviewer, who is also a height growth seeker on the internet, he mentions that they “reused pictures of doctors” from other product’s companies out there.

Yet, they also made a statement saying that it’s a “total scam”!

Now from my personal opinion, failed lack of proof of nothing showing on their official website. The “doctor” picture has no background from who he is, what he practices, no evidence from clinical trials or scientific structure, no before-and-after pictures or nothing.Grow-Taller-Dynamics-Review-By-Dr-Philip-Miller-Results-before-and-after-reviews-scam-download-ebook-pdf-ways-to-become-taller

But I won’t let you go and be disappointed!

Let me throw a more “professional” program in your hands. The (Grow Taller Dynamics System) is a unique height growing program, who promises to gain inches within 90 days.

Take a quick second of your own time and stop by my review because it might be something that you’re looking for to really increase your height there as well!

Feel free to drop me any comments or concerns you may have!

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