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Super Growth – Proof Right Here From My Results – Height Enhancer Review

Super Growth – Proof Right Here From My Results – Height Enhancer Review

Super-Growth height booster spray is actually one of the height enhancers I personally gave it a shot.

For a fact, the reason why I jumped to a different form of enhancer because none of the height “growth” pills gave me any height results of inches whatsoever. I’m sure you probably had a similar experience of that too!

So I found Super Growth spray from several proof of evidence from people showing their growth results such as from this pretty girl’s results here:

Then I figured, why not me try it as well, who knows if I may actually grow taller!

Yes, I do have it with me right here and I will take pictures of me holding it for you to see that I am the proof that if the product works or not.

I applied Super-Growth spray at night before bedtime for more than 2 1/2 months until I noticed some changes in my body here!

Right now, you’re on your way to find out my before and after results/experience in this review. I really like to be honest because there are too many false un-honest information out there.


Follow down and read!

Name of Product: Super-Growth©

Official Authorized Website I Ordered From:

Official Website #2:

Minimum Price: 12 Month Supply – Comes to $64.92 Per Each

Overall Rate (out of 100): 98% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: 6-12 Months

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Super Growth©?

Super-Growth is a height enhancer booster who claims that all of us (as users) will grow taller and gain inches in our height.

As I mentioned above, it’s a spray formula promoting to be 100% safe and effective with only containing herbal extracts in the bottle’s formulation.

For a fact and since I’m writing down this review for you to see the exposing truth, I searched it up to see more info about the product’s label and I actually found a few different bottles out there claiming to be the original Super-Growth height enhancer spray.. So BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT!

However, as I do go on to its official website, it states that the website I ordered from is one of its official website for the real and safe products;  


In fact, the original Super-Growth been on the height enhancement market for over a decade.

According to the Super-Growth company, I should naturally grow taller in inches, all in a safe way. The company mentions that it can be used for adults and children from about the age of 9 and up.

Now one of the reasons why I personally gave this specific formula a shot because I was tired of taking pills to powders and got no results in height growth whatsoever.

Then I found testimonials about this product from pictures and now I found videos from real people, where folks gained growth in height within a short period of time! 

Perhaps, not just in height results, but a few other benefits as well that all of us as users supposedly should experience. 

What Are The Active-Ingredients?

For the Super Growth height enhancer formula’s compounds, I’m going to show you since I have the bottle with me right here.

Now since it’s a natural herbal height supplement, the ingredients labeled here on the bottle are such as; Yashad Bhasma, Kukkutandatvak Bhasma, Godhuma Kumari (Triticum sativum), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Aloe Barba-densis, Shankha (Conch shell ash) and Super-Growth Herbal Essences.

To me, none of these compounds are actually known or familiar from my personal experience because of most “height products” out there ONLY have minerals, amino acids to vitamins, etc.

Yet, Super-Growth is a unique formula who contains all-natural herbal extracts, where to me it does make it 100% natural, safe and effective.


Each Super Growth solution contains 30 ml in a bottle for 2 months of usage and all I did was apply a 1-2 sprays to my toes, front and back of knees, front and back of elbows, top and lower part of my spine, pulse points, etc and rub it for a few minutes to absorb all of the 100% active ingredients before bedtime as directed.

Which is said to stimulate the pituitary gland and maximize the release of our natural HGH levels during sleep stages. And that leads to increasing the growth of our spine and other body tissues by regenerating the cartilages, discs and overall bones.

According to them, they mention that it has a “very high success rate“, which Super-Growth have grown over 600% over the past 3 years. “WOW!”.

Doctor’s endorsement? Even though I can’t find anything from a doctor endorsement, the company does promise that it’s 100% safe for all of us as users.

In fact, they do say that it falls under the FDA standards since it’s a “100% herbal” supplement which also means, it should be really safe for all of us to use it.

How Does Super-Growth© Work?

The manufacturer who states to create and design this effective and safe growth enhancer would be by the (Super-Growth Inc/SG Inc Labs). I tried to look up resources about this manufacturer and I couldn’t find much.


But the official website does mention that they produce only quality and purity formulas from professional researchers who have many years of undergone intensive studying and development to create a proven-tested way to grow taller by teams of scientists

The company directs us to spray at the top and lower back of the spine which I’m assuming to lengthen my spine, the legs front and back of the knees to help unlock the growth plates and allow new growth to occur, elbows, toes and other places as well.

According to the product’s company, by applying it to these points on our body, the active ingredients will go through the skin directly into the bloodstream to maximize the natural release of the HGH production and also stimulate the growth of cartilage cells at the end of the bones and joints for maximum growth of results.

See how the Super-Growth natural height enhancer work!?

They claim that it will potentially increase our HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels back up in a completely natural and safe way.

And also, enhances and regenerates the bones and cartilage, discs for new growth cells. 

If you don’t know, HGH refers as Human Growth Hormone, it’s the most important hormone for the overall growth factor on all parts of our body. When we were younger, our body produced massive amounts of HGH naturally to grow our body to where it is today.

Therefore, Super-Growth official website explains that this hormone is responsible for the growth of the cartilages, our spine growth and for overall bones.

So by stimulating HGH production to lengthen my spine and bones, plus helping unlock our growth plates, they promote that myself as a customer user should get a growth spurt by gaining inches in my height here.

Keep reading to find out!

What Are The Results/Benefits?

As they do mention, Super Growth formula has thousands of consumers using the spray product and thousands of previous users who gained inches in height as well.

They say that some experienced results within the first month such as improved posture, energy, confidence, and get the body prepared for the new growth. But it can take a few months for maximum results depending on each person’s body how it reacts to the natural, safe and effective process.

According to the product’s markers, we as customer users should expect extra inches and gain flexibility for a better-improved posture. So how many inches did I get? I’ll tell you in a few!

This natural growth item mentions to improve my mood function and increase our energy levels throughout the day as well.

Also, they claim that it can help with improving the body to a healthier state, by helping burn excessive fat from boosting the metabolism rate and helps with building more muscle tone.


(Here’s a proven before and after photos of a young, serious hockey athlete who used Super-Growth for over 6 months, along with heavy muscle lifting and strength building every day, and got a growth spurt and grew over 3″ inches taller by using the Super-Growth height enhancer )

(p.s. I believe unless we (as users) follow with some serious muscle-building exercise/program and strict diet, results will vary. Super-Growth states that it is intended for height growth ONLY, according to them.)

Wow! Now I can imagine if I were 2-3 inches taller, no words to express my happiness here…  Read on!

Super-Growth mentions improving our liver function, plus the digestive system without any negative or harmful side effects.

Basically, all of the promoting websites I found claims to not only make us grow taller but also improve several health benefits as well without no negative side effects.

Keep reading and I’ll show you my results!

Super-Growth© Overview


The Benefits:

  • Achieve a Natural Growth Spurt
  • There Is a Newer + Improved Formulas
  • Increases Height by Extra Inches
  • Releases HGH + Unlock Growth Plates
  • It’s a Spray Formula – 98% Absorption
  • 1 Bottle Free Super-Growth Effervescent Tablet to Maximize our Height Growth
  • For Adults & People of 9 Years Old and Up
  • Mentions to Increase Energy Levels
  • Has Completely 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Should Be Completely Safe – No Side Effects
  • Promotes Fast-Acting Results – 4 Weeks
  • Several Testimonials of Proof It Works
  • The Company’s Name was Found
  • Mentions to Help with Weight Loss
  • Helps Build and Develop Muscle Tone
  • Very Popular in Today’s Industry
  • Improves Mood, Digestive, and Liver
  • May Improve Overall Health Benefits
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Downfalls:

  1. It has a slightly strong odor. Not really the best smell at all. It also felt like some type of oil on my skin. Yet, what matters to me is the results, right!?
  2. Oh, since Super-Growth has been on the market for over a decade making us grow taller, we have to beware of counterfeit products claiming to be the “original” height growth formula. The company states that the ONLY official websites for the legit and original real Super-Growth height enhancer with the HOLOGRAM original authorized sticker as you see on the image to the side, are from ( the same official website I got mines, or the

Customer Support/Guarantee

Yes, the Super-Growth company states to ship INTERNATIONAL and worldwide delivery to anywhere around the world.

I found out that the website is from the USA supplier!

And for any discreet shipping?

When It got delivered to my door, it did show the company’s name (SG Inc), but other than that, no noticeable markings or no product’s identification information about its label shown in the package’s text.

So no worries, I understand maybe you don’t want family members/friends to know your secret to growing taller too.

For a money back guarantee? Unfortunately, their company states to only refund the user’s money back within 30 days. If I were to send it back any unopened products, meaning brand new and have not used the spray formula, they say to refund everything excluding the shipping and handling fee.

Now to contact them?

They do provide an address, phone dialing number, fax number and email address to contact them for any reason.

Now at their authorized official website, they use PayPal as their form of payment method, which we don’t need a PayPal account to make a payment. It’s just a platform to use our credit/debit cards. And from what I know, it’s a trustful platform that millions of people uses it for over two decades to pay for something online.

However, if you don’t have any debit card or credit card, you can just contact them through email and let them know that you’ll want to pay via the Western Union.

To me, they seem to really be behind the products and that way, it makes them more reliable than other companies out there.

Just to let you know, I happen to see the Super Growth on eBay, and a few other websites out there, rest assured that it’s probably not the real original product.


For the legit results and for your safety in using the original Super Growth real height enhancer with the HOLOGRAM authorized sticker are only at their official, authorized manufacturer’s website that I ordered from at (

Conclusion + Results

So coming to an end, it’s about time to show you my results!

After trying several types of “get-taller-pills“, at first I really didn’t think that this formula would actually work because of the pills and powders that I’ve used for many months to years never gave me results in my height here. For a fact, it’s been proven that pills we get ONLY 10-20% of the ingredients and the rest gets lost in our digestive system. 

But since I was desperate to grow taller and leave the average size crowd, I gave this Super-Growth spray a shot!

Yet, I am very happy that I did because not only I experienced more energy levels throughout the days, but it helped me build muscle much faster. I always woke up refreshed and after tearing my muscles apart at the gym, I felt fully recovered. I love exercising!

Yes, I believe it’s all from the maximum increasement of HGH levels that are produced naturally in my body with the help of this spray. But of course, Super-Growth is intended to only make me taller but I workout a lot, so…

Now you wanna know my height growth results !?

Ok, so a few days over 2 months of using it as directed before bedtime, not only I experienced several benefits of improvements, but I finally went to measure myself after the whole time of using it and noticed I got a growth spurt by a little over a full 1″ inch (about 2.62 cm). I am 24 years old and so far, I went from 5ft 7″ inches to over 5ft. 8″ inches and a few cms taller. Yet, I’m still in the average crowd, but I am way more confident by just this one full inch of the growth spurtI bet you would you be too!

So imagine how much I’ll grow if I use it for the full 6 months or even a full year..!?

All I did was spray it on the middle section of my back (I’m assuming to length my spine), on my knees (front and back which I guess to unlock my growth plates), elbows, toes, etc and massage it for the active ingredients to go directly into our bloodstream and absorb to the bones for growth.

By doing that, our body will naturally release maximum amounts of HGH causing the overall bones, skeleton, and spine to grow bigger which leads to a new growth spurt of inches in our height.


Of course, I do a few stretching exercises on the daily basis, plus I eat healthy foods since I workout. So I’m sure that helped boost up the growth process.

Now I’m not saying you’ll get the same results as me, but maybe even better or less. I don’t know but you won’t know either unless you try it out too! Oh, not to mention, I experienced no negative side effects whatsoever plus it seems like it’s permanent height growth. All it did was make sleep better, more energy, healthier state of mind & body, and I grew taller. – Win-WIn


For a fact at first, I was feeling a little skeptical. So just to mention, using this herbal oil spray is just like any other oil sprays out there that we use on our body. I mean, with my growth plates closed, I feel like I can basically call Super-Growth the “growth plate accelerator formula“, right!?

Well, I have found that it is proven to absorb 98% of active ingredients. So basically, this spray makes it much more effective than pills by at least 6x more. No wonder why I only got height growth results of inches from only using this spray, and not the pills and powders out there.

Now let’s check out some real before and after results from Super-Growth previous users.

Look at this person who grew a lot in 6 months;


(p.s. I need to be taller than my younger brother and my dad. But hey, I’m still happy with this full 1″ inch / 2.62 cm taller though, wouldn’t you be happy too!?

However, I am not the only one who got taller by Super-Growth spray because I found several other users out there to mention on real live videos and before/after photo proof of their own results of inches as well. Here’s proof;


And you do know that Super-Growth solution formula is everywhere around. Yet, I’m not going to be selfish here and not share with you this hidden”secret” formula that helped me and many others out there as you see here to get a new growth spurt by 6x fast results and grow taller too. 

Go ahead and to help you out even better, I will show you the same authorized official website ( that I ordered from all for you to guarantee height growth results too by getting the real, legit and original formula if you decide on it. Plus it’s the newest improved version with the ‘original’ HOLOGRAM sticker for proof it’s really legit from its own company. Yes, they ship international worldwide to anywhere we’re at in the world.

Look at this before and after real user photos by a guy named Rob from Fond Du Lac, WI who used Super-Growth height enhancer for 6 months got a new growth spurt and grew to almost 3′ inches taller. ! Impressive, right!? 

(p.s. Do that as well, take before and after photos to prove everyone wrong who don’t believe we can get a new growth spurt to grow taller in adult age, yes with our growth plates fused! )


Now depending on how much inches or cms you want by the Super Growth spurt, here’s what to expect when choosing the supplies :

=>Want a Few Inches TOO? Proven Results w/ SUPER-GROWTH©<=

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  1. Samarth Satale

    I am 18 years old guy from india… Can I buy thise… I want to add 4-5 inches in my height…Plz reply sir

    • Hello Samarth,

      Okay, so at the age of 18 years old and you want 4-5″ full inches, then you will need at least the 6-12 months supply and from the results you’ll get, you can expect to reach this height growth after 6-12 months depending on your body chemistry how it reacts to the effectivess of Super-Growth formula.

      For Your Best,

  2. Karthik

    Hi Julio , I am 26 year old. I started using 2 months pack. Will update you 2 weeks once. Thanks.

    • Hey Karthik,

      Thank you, please do update !


    • Rahul

      May u plz share ur results???

  3. Dara

    Hello does this really work my age is 17 years old and I want to be 5’11 but right now I am now 5’8.5 hopefully it is possible since my growth plate might close anytime now.

    • Hey Dara,

      Yes, with Super-Growth it is intended to work even with our growth plates closed. Yes, you can expect to reach those 3″ inches taller within 6-12 months of using Super-Growth based on users’ experiences.


  4. Aish Tuli

    Hey I’m 15 years old and 5’2. I’m not even as tall as my mom, who is 5’5. Should I get this product? Does it actually work? And where do you spray it, on your back and legs? Do you have to spray it on your toes?
    When i have enough money I will update my results on my website. Thanks for telling me about this product.
    Also do subliminals work?

    • Hey Aish,

      Okay, so at the age of 15 years old at 5.2, yes Super-Growth will be a great option for you to maximize your height pontential. When you get the product, all you have to do is follow the instruction and you should be on your way to maximize your growth.

      Sure, please do share your updated results as this will help many other users other as well!

      Yes, subliminals does help.


  5. G. Venkatesh

    My age is 33 and my height is 5.5 inches I need one full inch it is possible…. Kindly reply… I need in two months time to increase height one inch… It is possible….

    • Hey G. Venkatesh,

      At the age of 33 years old at 5.5″, yes it is possible. However, it will all depend on you, on your body and what you do for this 1″ full inch in 2 months. I personally achieved that, I have seen many people as well, but I also have seen others seeing results after 3-4 months. Again, results will vary!

      Julio Deus

  6. Sam

    Hello Julio
    Can you tell me how to use super growth and growth factor plus at the same time ? Because now super growth comes with tablets so how do I use both at the same time?

    • Hey Sam,

      Well, I say just use it at different times of the day, meaning don’t take the pills from Super-Growth at the same time as Growth Factor Plus.

      Julio Deus

  7. Thara

    Hi Julio,

    I am 5 inches tall and 23 years old.I need at least 3 inches.I cannot see even one negative review in the comments.Does super growth give height to everyone? I would be so happy if I gain 3-4 inches.The reviews give me so much hope.Can I try this? Will I be able to get those extra inches ? Kindly assist.


    • Hey Thara,

      So at the age of only 23 years old at 5 feet tall as I’m assuming since you mention “5 inches” tall, which you actually want 3″ full inches, yes Super Growth height enhancer spray will your best option when combining with some procedures for you to do your part as I recommend for maximum and best results.

      And in regards to the reviews at the comment section, there are hundreds of comments based on previous users experience and most of them are actually positive results because they are actually using the real original Super-Growth formula from the same official website ( that I have used.

      Therefore, real product = real results! Sure, if you decide on it, the 6 month supply or the 12-month kit will be your best option which I found out there are much more potent than the 2-4 month supplies. Plus as you did mention for those 3-4″ full inches, you will need at least the 6 month supply for the results you want there.

      For Your New Growth,
      Julio Deus

  8. Hi Julio,

    Well supergrowth was for me definitely a good product. I was literally unsatisfied with my old height of 5.2 and I also was trying my best to be more confident as the days passed by, but it just wasn’t happening. I travel to Turkey to my parents house and I found your website and saw the peoples results and order by the same website you got yours. It arrived on feb 16 of this year and I started to use it. By the end of may I reached 5.3. Today aug 1st I measured myself and I’m almost 5.4. That’s 2 inches and extremely excited.i have never felt this confident in my life. Thank you so much Julio the bottle is almost done should I order another 6 month kit? Please reply! I will come back and update in few days again! Wish me luck guys .

    • Hey Christopher,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and results! I appreciate as this will help many other users out there to grow taller too. In regards to your question there, are you happy with the 2 inches of height growth you got there? Is that your desired height, if no then you might want to buy another supply.

      By the way, let us know what else you’re doing in the daily basis? Are you following my tips, advice and secrets by the weekly newsletter from me? I mean, let’s us know. 🙂

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

      • Tan.R

        Thank you so much for responding. That was faster than I thought. I actually sent an email about some issues and questions that popped up related to the spray. It would be great if you could answer them as soon as possible. Much love

        • Hey Tan,

          Sure! Yes, even though I get hundreds of comments, emails and reviews from previous users sharing their results and experiences with such products, I do try my best to help and to answer all of you as soon as possible. 🙂

          Yes, I understand you may have some questions but if you read my complete review here about Super-Growth, it should answer. But if not, sure it’s my pleasure answer any unknown questions.

          Julio Deus

  9. Tom

    Hello again, I’m nearly 16 and I’, using it now. By using it would i cause y growth plate to close quicker since u meantioned its like re doing the puberty stage of growth. And also the ingredients don’t have any growth hormones in it right? just herbal?

    • Hey Tom,

      In regards to your question there, NO it will not open or close any growth plates, but allow you to grow taller faster even if you were like me who have the growth plates fused as an adult which is why I mentioned it’s “like restarting puberty” all over again for adults. However, since you’re only 16 years and in the puberty stage, it will allow you to maximize your height growth faster than ever.

      And to answer your other question there, there are no “growth hormones” from what I know whatsoever. It is the herbal extracts that will stimulate the Pituitary gland to release much higher amounts of HGH (human growth hormone). From my own personal experience and thousands of users out there who have grown taller too, it is 100% natural and safe as nobody has mentioned to me any negative side effects. So I say no worry there.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  10. tom

    so u spray once on the area indicated and u rub it around that area right? should i spray a bit more in case i spray too little and it doesn’t have effect.

    • Hey Tom,

      Yes, you would spray and massage the whole area so the active ingredients absorb directly into the bloodstream for the effects. And in regards to your other question there, sure if you spray and only a very little comes out, yes you can spray it once again to assure you get these effective ingredients into the bloodstream.

      Let me know your results after 3-6 months or so!

      Julio Deus

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