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Speed Height Capsule – Does Speed Height Capsules Work? Or Is It a Scam? – Reviews

Speed Height Capsule – Does Speed Height Capsules Work? Or Is It a Scam? – Reviews

Speed Height is an Indian product, meaning it was made in the India country.

We found several resources about this particular height increasing pills, called Speed Height caps.

It seems to me that it’s a popular supplement, where several folks are looking for reliable information about it. But that’s not the case, this short review will tell you and show you everything you need to know!

So, does Speed Height capsules really work? What are the side effects?

Yes, there are many customer users asking questions about the Speed Height capsules, and I’ll try to have everything exposed for you to see if it’s something for all of us, or not.



Name of Product: Speed Height

Website: Find It At Only Retail Websites 

Minimum Price: Price Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: At Least 3 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Check With Retailer

What Are The Speed Height Capsules?

According to our sources, Speed Height formula is an Ayurvedic supplement from the Indian Online Shop, but it seems that they actually have it available for people here in the United States and Canada.

This herbal product claims to not only makes us taller, but it improves my overall self-esteem for more confidence, smarter and has a better lifestyle.

No, Speed Height does not have an official website, and it’s only available in third-party sites, where one e-commerce webpage promotes that it’s 100% natural herbal, safe and effective.

They claim that no side effects occur and only gain inches in our stature, which as the promotional advertisement, it’s the “perfect solution” to reach our desired height that we need.

As you know, Speed Height capsule was only found on third-party websites and that way, it makes it hard to find any evidence from scientific or clinical structure to back up the claims.

Who Is Speed Height For? 

This height increasing formula mentions that it’s for everyone from the age of 12 years old and as directed, they recommend to take 1 capsule twice per day on a daily basis.

Thereby, Speed Height capsules should enhance my height growth of inches and make me much taller, as they claim.

It states to stimulate my energy levels, increase confidence, and have a better quality of lifestyle, since it helps improve health at the same time by strengthening the nervous system, maintains cholesterol levels, plus a good tonic to the heart.

In fact, one of the retail website shares to help develop more muscle tone to give the body a fitness outlook by boosting the metabolism, improvements in memory power and personal self-image.

Now for maximum results, they mention that it’s best to join some physical activities, such as yoga, exercises, jogging, etc while using the capsules on the regular basis.

That way, it helps the natural development and growth of the body from the bones, which leads to increase in height.

Ingredient’s Profile

Speed Height capsules promote to carry a special formulation of “rare, precious and effective medicines” to boost up overall growth on all users.

They mention to help produce more amino acids for the production of HGH, so these natural ingredients are such as :

  • Withinia somniferra 75 mgSpeed-Height-Capsule-Does-Speed-Height-Capsules-Work-Scam-Reviews-before-and-after-results-review-complaint-ways-to-become-taller
  • Puraria tuberose 75 mg
  • Lepidium sativum 150 mg
  • Gentiana sativum 150 mg
  • Acacia Arabica 50 mg
  • Ephedra gerardiana 5 mg
  • Cassia tora 30 mg
  • Oroxylum indicum 30 mg
  • Mucana pruries 50 mg
  • Cassytha filiformis 10 mg
  • Lauh bhasam 10 mg

How Does Speed Height Work?

As retailers explain, Speed Height supplement cures the disorder glands of overall growth, where they claim to increase the blood circulation in the tissues, plus effects on the bones.

They state to strengthen and lengthen the bones and the skeleton structure!

Now, as one of the websites promoting this item mentions, it stimulates the pituitary gland for the production of Human Growth Hormone.

HGH refers to as Human Growth Hormone is the main secret to cause growth in all areas of the body. According to them, it’s naturally most produced from when we were in our teenage and adolescence years from 13-19 years old.

But after we start aging, HGH levels start to drop by a percentage every year, and of course, aging effects start to occur. That way, these capsules are claiming to slow down the aging process.

Speed Height capsules say to lengthen the bones, shares to increase the thickness and density of the Vertebral discs and elongate the spine.


The Good:

  • Claims To Increase HeightSpeed-Height-Capsule-Does-Speed-Height-Capsules-Work-Scam-Reviews-before-and-after-results-review-complaints-user-ways-to-become-taller
  • Mentions it’s 100% Safe
  • Shows All Natural Compounds
  • Increases Energy + Confidence
  • Boost Metabolism for Lean Body Tone
  • Enhances Muscle Tone for more Mass
  • Strengthen the Nervous System
  • Balances Cholesterol & Supports the Heart
  • Improvements on Memory + Health Benefits
  • Gain Stronger Bones – Density & Thickness

The Bad:

  1. Several other retailers are saying that it’s for children of ages 9 years old to take 1 capsule twice daily, and others state that it’s for folks over 12 years old, and adults to take 2 capsules twice per day. – Completely Misleading Information
  2. We found no before and after results, or any reviews from testimonials.
  3. There is no medical endorsement from a doctor or any professional healthcare to approve it.
  4.  Somehow, this other “height growth” supplement called (Height Plus) have the same ingredient’s list. – Very Sketchy
  5. Unable to find the company’s name or background. Don’t know who supports this “Speed Height” item.
  6. Nothing from clinical trials done with the formula or any scientific data to back it up.
  7. Found real customer user to share their personal usage and they said that it “did not work” on them.
  8. Several folks out there are asking if causes “side effects”. Seems like that it’s their main concern about the formula.
  9. With misleading information and the same compound’s profile as some other supplement, might be a scam?Speed-Height-Capsule-Does-Speed-Height-Capsules-Work-Scam-Reviews-before-and-after-results-review-complaints-user-height-plus-ways-to-become-taller

Final Facts

While reviewing this Speed Height Capsules, I actually was very skeptical due to some other height increasing supplement out there having the same ingredient’s profile. Who are they trying to fool?

However, I found some resources that about 2 of the ingredients in the product’s formulation that are known to help increase height, such as the (Withinia somniferra) known as ashwagandha and the (mucana pruries), but spelled as Mucuna pruriens from the Wikipedia.

Mucana Pruries recognized as (velvet beans) are known to help release extra Human Growth Hormone and L-Dopa.

Yet, one review that we found at, the father of a 15 years old daughter shared a complaint against the Speed Height Capsules because his daughter used it for 6-8 full months and gained no height results whatsoever. Here’s proof!


There was another complaint saying that the consumer has been taking it for 3 months and experienced no improvements in height.

Now you tell me, is it another scam or not? I mean, as according to our sources, it does not work. Especially, with a teenager adolescence girl with her growth plates opened, then it definitely won’t work for me with my growth plates fused neither. Right!?Super-Growth-Height-Enhancer-Review-ingredients-before-and-after-results-reviews-scam-does-super-growth-formula-really-work-ways-to-become-taller

But, I figured let me throw you a hand and share with you a high potency supplement who does the 3 major points in making us grow taller, such as ;

  • 1; increases the HGH levels naturally by releasing the production of HGH
  • 2; targets the bones structure to build up the cartilage discs and lengthen our spine
  • 3; unlocks our growth plates even if we have our growth plates closed, which results in increasing our height to make us grow taller.


Don’t believe me? Check out here for my before and after review for you to not only see my own results, but also many real users out there that have also grown inches in their own height. Click here!


The Super-Growth height enhancer spray is a well-known and popular brand that I’m going to show you several proofs that this effective and safe spray really work to increase our height.


Now if you have a different opinion regards on these Speed Height capsules, submit me a comment right under this review. Or if you’re one of the customer user out there who do have personal experience with the item, then share with all of us.


  1. Samar Hameed

    Sir I want to buy this product (growth factor plus) but I do not get any source to buy it.I need your help
    I am from Gorakhpur; Uttar pradesh; India

    • Hey Samar,

      Well, according to my sources as a grow taller user, unfortunately Growth Factor Plus is no longer available.. But there is a better alternative such as Super-Growth height enhancer. Click here and you’re going to see not only my personal results, but also several other users who also got height growth results of inches by using the Super-Growth.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  2. dipesh

    Hey i am dipesh and i am taking speed height capsuls from 50 days.since i have not get any results .what can i do to grow fastt? my age is 13. tell me please….

    • Hey Dipesh,

      Well even though the speed height product is not working for you and other users out there, at your age of 13 years old, I would just stick to doing stretching exercises (30-45 mins of exercising), and/or join in an outdoor sport/hobby. Try to get them vitamins/minerals/proteins/calcium and others important nutrients from rich sources of foods.

      At this age, you should be getting plenty of good sleep (at least 8 hours every night). Have a positive attitude, since you’re only 13 years old, just by knowing you still got many years to come and to actually grow taller. That’s what I would do, instead of taking some type of claiming “speed height capsules” and its not helping..

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  3. rahul

    No effect in body

    • Hey Rahul,

      Thanks for sharing your results with such product so called “speed height”.

      Julio Deus

  4. vikas

    It is totally flop increase in height … …fail….fail.

    • Hey Vikas,

      Well to be honest, you’re one of many who have used this so-called “speed height capsule” and completely failed in getting results in height growth. Sadly, there have not one person to mention to me that they increased height by using such product.

      I Believe You,
      Julio Deus

  5. Aakil Husain

    Mam I’m take a speed height capsules from 3month,
    But not increase my height plzzz give me solution
    My age 19yrs

    • Hey Aakil,

      Well, you are not the only one here to mention very poor results to no height growth when using such item so-called “speed height”. I have come to conclusion that it’s a scam.

      Now you mentioned a solution where you’re at the age of only 19 years old, your best options just like everyone else would be either Super Growth spray enhancer or the Growth Factor Plus pills. Either one, you can sure expect to increase your height along with a few procedures, such as 1. stretching exercises daily 2. nutritional diet 3. 8 hours of sleep per night 4. positive attitude to expect the realistic growth you want, and by using either effective and safe product I mentioned here, you can actually grow taller within 6 months or so.

      To Help You & Others,
      Julio Deus

  6. jetu

    Hey i am JETU and i need to increase hight beaucse I want go to Indian army and I want incraese my hight in 3cm so I am already use the speed height but no performers so please give me a suggestion

  7. prithvi raj

    hello speed height have side effect? ill taking it since 1 month and my body become stiff and anestesias its only bcoz of that caps?

    • Hey Prithvi,

      Well, that is why I personally would never recommend such product to no one, it’s not safe and non-effective. If I were you, I would discontinue taking it.

      Julio Deus

  8. locky

    I m male 26 weight 60 height 5.2″ and I want min 3″ increment I read ur reviews but m confused in
    A : GFP+ somaratpinne+ super spray + 5″ height gain program
    B: GFP + somaratpinne+5″height gain program
    C: only 5″ height gain program
    I can do all tough exercises .u give money back gurrantee with 5″ height gain program so why m go with option A or B . plz advise me what is best for me.I repeated my requirement min 3″

    • Hey locky,

      Well, lets take a quick view here on these options, so Growth Factor Plus + Somatroppinne are some pills to take, and Super Growth is a spray to apply to your body parts section, and the 5InchHeightGainProgram is basically a program to teach us how to exercises, eat the right nutrition diet, sleeping and standing posture, etc, which if you have the money to purchase all 3, then give it a shot for at least 6 full months. Yes, you can guarantee to grow taller with all of these effective procedures.

      Julio Deus

  9. Vivek

    Is growth factor plus pill is better solution for the growth, than the speed height caps.
    Is there any side effect of these both if they mot work.

    • Hey Vivek,

      Yes, Growth Factor Plus pills are the best option for you to grow taller, since there are proof of evidence from previous customer users to share their results of growth when taking the pills. Now for these so-called “speed height”, there is nothing showing me proof that it even works.

      You can click here to visit the Growth Factor Plus review, where you will see the results from consumers.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  10. anubhav

    Thank you Mr. Julio hope this helps..


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