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Perfect Growth Height Growth/Increase Powder by Zamaica Healthcare – Complete Review Here!

Zamaica Healthcare seems to have a variety of height growth products, and Perfect Growth Height Growth/Increase is one of them.

As we all know, there are too many “grow taller” items out there that gives us many promises but no actual results when used, right!?

So it is my pleasure to look for all the details and information about Perfect Growth powder supplement by Zamaica Healthcare and create this perfect review to see if I would use it and recommend it or not to increase height.

Just to let you know, there are two types of flavors for this formula.


Let’s get ready and follow down to read my review for a bottom line summary!

Name of Product: Perfect Growth

Website: Available on Its Company or Amazon 

Minimum Price: Price Vary Depends on Supply

Overall Rank (out of 100): 74 Points

Recommended Period Usage: At Least 30 Days

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is Perfect Growth ?

The Perfect Growth supplement is a height growth powder that increases bone strength and power for maximum new stature.

Zamaica Healthcare states that its a ‘Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine‘ who is the “#1 Trending, India’s best height gainer” that works effectively to naturally make us grow taller by inches in a fast rate.

According to them, this natural herbal supplement has been approved by more than 12 clinical doctors from India who is certified for Ayurveda practices.

And as I mentioned above, the 2 flavors that this Perfect Growth height supplement has would be either Vanilla or Strawberry flavour.

This formula being available on the Amazon India market, it does claim that the results shown in 90 days after use, consumers achieved 4 to 5 cm of height growth in 30 days.

Yet, do we have any proof of that? I mean, anybody can make such claims without being real or showing evidence to back it up.

How Does Perfect Growth Supplement Works?

As explained in the Perfect Growth description details from the Zemaica Healthcare website, it states that the Ayurveda herbal in the formula have been certified by more 43 medical doctors in India.

According to them, this height Ayurvedic medicine claims to have more 10+ natural compounds in each proprietary blend.

However, I am not able to find what these 10+ ingredients could be so I can have a better perspective on how it works.

But I do see that it states to “store calcium in skeletal muscles” and restore iron deficient, which they promote to “results in normal development and physical advancement to pick up stature further“. Also, “fixes general shortcoming and adds to the advancement of the entire body“.

Now regards Human Growth Hormone, nothing was mentioned since I do know that most height increasing Ayurvedic medicine does increase the levels of HGH/GH.

What Are Perfect Growth Results?


The claims of results are huge!

The company Zemaica Healthcare promotes that we will increase our height growth in a complete natural way by 3-7″ full inches when used this Perfect Growth powder supplement as directed!!

Wow, yes that’s a lot of growth. But that’s not all!

They mention to help with improving overall health by increasing blood circulation to our body’s organs and muscles which will activate the organs by proving “a smooth stream and flow of blood” and that way, it decreases infections.

It should improve the liver function and digestive system, plus increase human power for strength.

Perfect Growth Dosage

Each bottle of the Perfect Growth powder gainer comes with 50gm of powder and that should be enough for 15-30 full days when used as directed.

As I’m reading through the product’s details, all I would have to do is add a scoop of powder once in the morning and once in the evening.

Not to mention, it does seem that consumers will not only get this height growth powder gainer, but also some height increasing exercises plan to achieve best results.

No negative side effects should occur when used as instructed.

Just keep reading for a conclusion!



The Green Flags:

  • Claims to Increase Height by 3-7″
  • Does Have 2 Different Flavors
  • Promotes as 100% Herbal Medicine
  • States to Be Approved by Doctors
  • Mentions to Improve Overall Health
  • Increases Blood Flow to Full Body
  • Helps Decrease Body Inflammations
  • Company’s Behind It Was Found
  • Improves Liver & Digestive Function
  • Enhances Strength & Overall Power
  • Product May Come With Exercising Plan
  • Company Does Provide A Refund Policy

The Red Flags:

  1. Even though both company’s and Amazon’s sites do have the ‘reviews’ section, there are none.
  2. No before and after evidence was found to back up the claims of growth by inches taller.
  3. Nothing found for the 10+ ingredient’s list!

Customer Support/Guarantee

Their company/manufacturer called Zemaica Healthcare have been introduced in the year of 2010.

Not to mention, they have a variety of different types of health products. Even for height growth solution, there is more than just Perfect Growth Height Growth/Increase Powder (50gm).


Oh, there is also the Perfect Height Growth Plus one, with similar information and details about the product.

I also have done the Hite Right Grow review here as well from Zemaica Healthcare.

At the company’s page, I do see their contact information and their full address which they are based in New Delhi, India.

Also, they do have a refund and cancellation policy for customers who are not satisfied with their results.

Now regards to the shipping procedure?

They state to provide free shipping and fast delivery to all customers. Yes, they do seem to be reliable!

Final Outcome

We finally gathered all information and details about Perfect Growth height increasing supplement.

Lets first start with the claims because I do find it awkward that fact that they promise to increase our height by 3-7″ full inches!

That is a lot of growth there, and me with almost 10 years of experience in the height growth industry, it does seem impossible to achieve this much growth within a short amount of time, like 90 days as they claim.

And if that was true, where are the before and after photos to prove to us? Not even reviews/comments were found so that does make it skeptical to make such claims and no proof of evidence to back it up.

Also, they mention 10+ components in the Perfect Growth powder supplement, yet we could not find its ingredients’ profile.

Now this is my opinion!

If it was really that effective that causes 4-5 cm in users within 30 days, don’t you think there would be massive evidence showing us these results?!

Like the Growth Boom Pro who is also a powder supplement, I did find before and after images from previous users’ results and a real doctor’s approved!

Don’t believe me? Check out my Growth Boom Pro’s review by clicking right here and you’ll see it yourself.


Yes, I took a long time to create this review! So why not retributive back to me with your personal comment or leave me feedback underneath here.

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