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Ashwagandha Powder For Height – A Complete Review if There Are Proof of This, or Not!

Ashwagandha Powder For Height – A Complete Review if There Are Proof of This, or Not!

Over the years, there have been a lot of fraudulent activities by various vendors of enhancement drugs, pills, powders, programs-to name a few.

The height growth industry is not an exception. Today, I came across a powerful herb medicine in the Ayurvedic family, which is called Ashwagandha. With the first impression that strikes my mind, I said to myself; this must be a scam, claiming to make us grow taller?!

Of course, I could be wrong, but we need not conclude superficially, that is without getting to know all the details about this powerful herb named Withania somnifera, but known commonly as Ashwagandha.

I took time to make research about the powder formula to get all we need to know and to see what folks are saying about it. Therefore, I want to believe that we are ready to know the real facts about this herb formula; Ashwagandha Powder.

For me, I think am set to get these details. So, roll with this review seriously!

Name of Product: Ashwagandha PowderAshwagandha-Powder-For-Height-A-Complete-Review-if-There-Are-Proof-of-This-or-Not-Powder-Root-Results-Reviews-Ways-To-Become-Taller

Amazon USDA Certified Organic Powder:

Minimum Price: Depends on Which One

Overall Rank (out of 100): 88 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Claims within 45 Days

Refund Policy: Must Check with the Website Found

What Is Ashwagandha Powder?

Ashwagandha powder, amongst its several other uses, is also marketed as a substance herb that I have come across in the online network that it can increase the height of us individuals, plus a number of other health benefits.

Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng), according to my research is listed among the top Ayurvedic medicine to achieve an increase in height.

It is claimed that a regular consumption of this powder helps in the growth of body weight and overall development as well as height.

According to the details obtained from some websites retailing the substance, Ashwagandha powder home remedy before and after the age of 18 to 21 years taken regularly for 45 days, should achieve an increase in height.

Also, details about this herb show that the height increase has a limit as they could not tell us the exact height increase level it should achieve.

This herb claims to offer other health benefits. These, in line with my research, should include alleviation/management of hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, weakness; headaches as well as back pain.

Additionally, research reveals that it boosts energy, prevents aging, increases sperm quality and boosts the body’s immune function plus a number of others.

Now Ashwagandha herb in powder form is not marketed in any official website, rather it can be purchased from some retail websites.

Now for proof of claims! I discovered that there are reviews (mixed) about Ashwagandha Powder by folks claiming to have seen good and/or ineffective results from using this substance on Amazon website ( However, no pictures were seen as proofs.

Continue reading to get the remaining details!

How Does Ashwagandha Powder Work?

Height is determined mainly by genetics. Evidently, the rate of HGH secretion and its level in the body also have roles to play as regards increase in our height.

Ashwagandha powder promotes to contain minerals that expand the bone skeleton as well as bone density. This, according to the information obtained on retail websites, will cause in height increase.

On the other hand, it claims to indirectly affect the secretion of the human growth hormone (HGH) to achieve an increase in height.

HGH is produced from the brain’s anterior gland; pituitary gland. Ashwagandha powder effects to achieve growth and other health benefits, however, there are no clinically proven and/or scientific data found for evidence that proofs it will really make us get taller.

Additionally, it is known to increase white blood cell production and boost the immune system.Ashwagandha-Powder-For-Height-A-Complete-Review-if-There-Are-Proof-of-This-or-Not-Powder-Root-Results-Milk-Review-Ways-To-Become-Taller

In line with the details stated in third-party websites, Ashwagandha powder should be taken with a glass of milk mixed with a tablespoon of sugar candy. The recommendation is that we take two (2) tablespoon of this powder every night, 30 minutes before bedtime.

On the other hand, kids should take one (1) teaspoon of the powder mixed with cow milk and sugar candy 30 to 40 minutes before dinner.

Keep reading! 

Who Is It For?

Ashwagandha Powder claims it’s for individuals who desire to achieve an additional increase in height plus a number of other health benefits.

Therefore, If I am not comfortable with my height here and I wish to add some height growth, several websites online claims that Ashwagandha powder will promote a new height growth within 45 days if followed the correct instructions.

From details obtained from some retail websites, the powder is for folks who want to avoid the side effects of taking any other height claiming-methods to gain height. This is because of its natural composition.

Individuals whose condition demand the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of a disease should not use the product. it is not for folks suffering from a cough or congestion.

Also, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should not consume this Ashwagandha Powder. Don’t stop reading here!


The Conveniences:Ashwagandha-Powder-For-Height-A-Complete-Review-if-There-Are-Proof-of-This-or-Not-Powder-Root-Results-Review-Ways-To-Become-Taller

  • Claims It Can Increase Height;
  • Broadens Bone Skeleton;
  • Increases HGH Levels;
  • Increases Bone Density;
  • Boosts Immune Function;
  • Plus a Number of Benefits
  • 100% Completely Natural;
  • No Negative Side Effects;
  • Claims it’s Safe and Effective;
  • Feedbacks Were Seen

The Inconveniences:

  1. No official website, but the compound is available in several retail sites such as on (Amazon).;
  2. No clinical data found to back up the claims of making us taller, but mixed reviews from previous users out everywhere;
  3. Depending on your body, if taken too much Ashwagandha powder, it can cause minor side effects such as diarrhea or stomach discomfort.

Final Facts/Recommendations

Ashwagandha Powder, as we have seen, is an Ayurvedic medicine claiming several health benefits But here, we are interested in its claim as many folks out there are claiming that it’s a height increase substance.Ashwagandha-Powder-For-Height-A-Complete-Review-if-There-Are-Proof-of-This-or-Not-Powder-Root-Results-Milk-Review-Organic-Ways-To-Become-Taller

Having gone through a good number of websites that talks about this substance, there has not been a clear cut as to the specific health benefit of this substance.

Evidently, clinical studies with this substance have not been established. Therefore, more work is needed in this aspect.

There are mixed reviews about Ashwagandha Powder and most of the previous users described it as a substance combined with other formulas/programs to achieve an increase in height.


Here is what I have to say!

Ashwagandha Powder, I will say is a natural herb, but I doubt if it will achieve a significant increase in height when used alone since no actual real proof was found.

But since it’s a natural herb which should not cause negative side effects, it’s not bad if we check it out some USDA certified organic Ashwagandha Powder on Amazon ( and experience it’s diversities of health benefits.Super-Growth-Results-Honest-Review-Before-and-After-Photo-Customer-Reviews-How-To-Use-It-Ingredients-Formula-Height-Grow-Tall-Ways-To-Become-Taller

Yet, if you want a specific and necessary supplement for that’s actual purpose (grow taller in height), then I would take the Ashwagandha powder every night with milk, along with the Super Growth spray formula and see height growth results within less than 3 months.

Now if you rather height growth pills to take instead of applying an effective height enhancement spray, I would take a look at the Growth Factor Plus w/ Somatroppinne and use it just like the previous user who gained incredible results in height growth.

Plus, if you check my review here, there have been reviews/comments from previous customers to mention the height growth of results.

So if using the Ashwagandha Powder along together at night, with either the Growth Factor Plus pills or with the Super Growth formula, we as users can try it yourself and always feel free to come back and let us know your before and after results within 3-6 months.

Growth-Factor-Plus-Height-Growth-Factor-Review -Hgh-Growth-Factor-Plus-Reviews-before-and-after-results-height-enhancement-new-improved-formula-hgh-com-benefit-ways-to-become-taller

Kindly leave your comments below. I would love to hear of what you have to say !


  1. Alex

    Does it have to be taken before bed time or can i take it at day time too.

    • Hey Alex,

      It is best to take it before bedtime for best results because of the sleeping process and growth.

      Julio Deus

  2. Sam

    Hey Julio , my age was 27years old and my height is 5feet.2inches… Can i increase my height 5-7 inches…Which product is best for me…Can i use ashwagandha…Please reply me fast..

    • Hey Sam,

      Ok, so at the age of 27 years old at 5.2, and you want to really increase 5-7 inches. Yes, Ashwagandha powder would be very benefial to you and help you grow taller, but don’t expect those 5 inches you want there just by Ashwagandha powder.

      You sure will need to add something much more effective, like the Super-Growth 6-12 month supply, along w/ Ashwagandha powder, then you can expect to get the height you want there.

      Yet, to maximize your height growth results, you will to follow with some stretching and elongate exercises in the daily basis (best first hour after waking up), drink 1 large cup of organic fresh milk 3x a day, have a balanced and high protein diet, drink 2 lts of alkaline water daily, catch a few sunlight in the day for vitamin D3 and calcium absorption, have a positive mindset to expect to grow taller and visualize yourself being taller everyday, and of course, get 8 hours of deep sleep everynight.

      Best of the Best,
      Julio Deus

  3. Hey cn height increase if puberty occured late to 4-5 inches that is st the age of 15. Reply soon plz. Thnx.

    • Hey Fatima,

      Yes, you’re only 15 years old, you have a couple years to naturally grow taller, but you can boost up the process by taking Ashwagandha powder with fresh organic whole milk every night before bedtime.

      For maxium results and best tips for you, make sure to do some stretching exercises within the first hour upon waking up, have more protein in your diet, drink 2-3 large cups of organic whole milk every day + 2 lts of water = 6-8 cups of water, catch some sunlight for vitamin D3 and calcium absorption, join a ‘grow taller’ sport like basketball, swimming, yoga, etc, get your 9-10 hours of deep sleep since you’re only 15 years old, plus you must have a positive attitude and mindset to expect to grow taller and seeing yourself taller every day.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  4. Tris

    Hi Julio,
    I am Tris already 175cm and have surpassed everyone in my family but I wish to grow till 183 cm is it possible for a 15 year girl to attain 10 cm (approx )by drinking ashwandgha and milk along with perfect exercise

    • Hey Tris,

      Yes, because of your age of only 15 years old. Therefore, Ashwagandha powder will supercharge your natural ability to grow much taller within the upcoming months or even a year depending on how your body takes it. Don’t forget a balanced and protein diet and deep quality sleep every night, etc.

      Julio Deus

  5. iraj

    Hey Julio,
    I am a female of height 5.1 and I am 17.Can I increase my height by using ashwagandha to 5.5

    • Hey Iraj,

      Ok, so at the age of 17 5.1 tall, by taking Ashwagandha powder with a large cup of warm milk every night before bedtime, you can expect to help you boost up your height growth. Now regards to the additional 4 inches taller, you might need to take it for at least 6 months or so and see what happens. But a couple cms, you can expect to grow since you’re only 17 years old and your body is still developing.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  6. why is the message i find about this product all about relaxing in Amazon?

    • Hey LoyE,

      That’s because people don’t sell Ashwagandha to “claiming” to make us grow taller, but for the other health benefits. Yet, taking it with milk every night before bedtime along with stretching and elongate exercises, healthy protein balanced diet, 8 hours of sleep every night, get a few sunlight for Vitamin D3, etc + plus a positive state of mind to visualize growing taller, you can expect to increase a few cm there in your height.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  7. I’m Arun. Is it possible for me to grow after 18 by consuming ashwadanga.. I’m currently 17… plz suggest me some tips…

    • Hey Arun,

      From my experience and from others experience as well, by consuming Ashwagandha powder with warm milk (30 minutes before bedtime), it will help you reach a little taller. Yet, it depends on your body chemistry, some may experience better and faster results than others. Yes, it is possible, plus the younger and sooner, the better results will come.

      And the tips I can give you along with Ashwagandha with warm milk, you should be doing some stretching and elongate exercises or join a outdoor sport and catch some sun (vitamin D) + have more healthy and protein meals through your day + get at least 8 hours of sleep, last but not least, have a positive attitude to expect to grow taller by inches in the upcoming months.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  8. Sai ram

    Hey Julio,
    My age is 21 now and I am female of height 5.1……I’m too desperate to increase my height….does ashwahandha powder increase my height at this age also….m scared …can u pls tell me???pls…..i wanna grow taller…

    • Hey Sai,

      Well, yes if you take Ashwagandha powder along with Milk every night before bedtime, plus you will need to follow with some stretching exercises daily, get those 8 hours of quality sleep, balanced of protein diet, plus by having a positive attitude (power of mind), you then can expect to increase your height there as well.

      Julio Deus

  9. raihan

    of which company i should purchase ashwandha powder and super growth spray

    • Hey Raihan,

      Well, I would choose Amazon because it’s a trusted retailer. Now Super-Growth spray, you can get it from, same official authorized website where I got mines and grew over a full inch in a little over 2 months.

      For Your Best,
      Julio Deus

  10. Veer

    Hi, Julio Deus Can i take Ashwagandha,Super Growth spray and Growth factor plus pills together

    • Hey Veer,

      Well, I think that may be too much in my opinion. I mean, probably two of them such as Ashwagandha powder with Super-Growth height enhancer (click here) or so. Give it a try and see how much you can grow taller, then let me know your results within a first few months.

      Julio Deus

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